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March 6, 2008

Letters To Anton

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Perhaps I’ll make this a series.  Your ideas are always welcome.  Drop me a private line any time at IRLDefender@aol.com.

Dear Anton,

Now that ‘unification’ is complete, I need to ask a favor.  Remember not to forget the reasons the Indy Racing Series was formed.  There are a large group of fans who believe an oval-centric orientation is the way to go.  That, I believe, is the correct approach.  It works for NASCAR, and it works for hundreds of small tracks all over North America. 

Road racing is a nice niche, but no road racing series with big time aspirations has ever succeeded in the United States over the long haul.  NASCAR varies only twice a season.  The road circuits used by Indy Racing are nice, but use of temporary circuits should be minimized.  A series with the quality of the ICS needs to race on proper tracks.  St. Petersburg and Long Beach are probably nice bookends, but why have any more?   If you want to road race and tout variety, do so on natural terrain tracks and keep the total at 35% or less.  PLEASE.

Racing internationally is also prestigious, but you need to ask yourself if doing that will help at this juncture.  It did not help the post-split cart or champcar.  Is picking up such scraps right now likely to make fans of those failed series flock to Indy Racing?  Not likely.  It will be a slow process, and now there is a much more formidable NASCAR.  Concentrate on successful ovals, and return a triple crown of 500-mile events, preferably on large ovals; e.g., Fontana and Michigan.  Listen to FANS.  Do not bend over every time a former cart owner or manufacturer demands it.  What will result if you do is a not-too-big niche that frustrates and befuddles sponsors, fans, television networks and manufacturers. 

While you’re at it, ESPN and ABC need to have their backsides whipped into shape once and for all.  Their level of professionalism as relates to the IRL is nonexistent.  Their treatment of this franchise is an abomination, and needs to be fixed now. 

Thanks for listening.


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