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March 19, 2008

What Indy Racing Should NOT Be

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The Indy STREET RACING Series.  Any more than two temporary circuits per season are too many. Racing needs to occur on proper tracks, not streets.  The notable exceptions where Indy racing is concerned are the bookended St. Petersburg in the East and Long Beach in the West.  Long Beach has a rich open wheel history and has been successful, and the St. Petersburg even was the first non-oval venture for Indy racing and has been successful since inception.  

Markets where other street races have been held, including Cleveland, Toronto and others, are fine markets that need real tracks.  Preferably ovals. The Andretti-Green racing organization has done a lot of good for Indy racing and the sport in general, but buying rights to street events pulls the sport away from where it needs to be and toward a business model that in most cases does not work and is not sustainable.  Want to do something really bold?  Build a modern day natural terrain road circuit or buy one of the existing legacy circuits and bring it into the current century.

There are several natural terrain road circuits that could be considered in the US and Canada. I am of the opinion that given the speed, excitement and high quality of Indy racing at Richmond that a really smart move would be to help Andy Hillenburg revitalize Rockingham and send the Indy cars in there once a year.

Then again, I remain of the opinion that having a track the quality of Pikes Peak International Raceway shuttered is an unforgivable crime forced by ISC, who wants but probably will not get a race in Denver.  NIMBYs.  Perhaps they’ll be successful in getting the track somewhere near Limon. But not for many years.

Moral of the story:  Stop the rush toward street courses.  As a rule they cannot suck enough as racing venues.  Focus on proper tracks.  Not gypsy circuses. 


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  1. Thanks John. I never really wanted control of cart from the get go. I recognize the value of ovals and enjoy the variety of non-ovals as well, as do many racing fans. Street and road course events will be a part of the series, as I stated when the IRL was formed. Thank you for your support and here’s to another great Indy Racing season. Perhaps the incessant locust chattering of those I bailed out will begin to die down.

    Comment by Tony George — March 21, 2008 @ 3:15 am | Reply

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