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April 5, 2008


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Aside from the onerous religious overtones, 6-6-6 has another meaning in Indy car racing.  Tony George has not ruled out a future configuration of eighteen events a year.  Six ovals.  Six natural terrain road courses.  Six temporary/street circuits.  6-6-6.

As a lifelong fan of the sport, I have one word:  UNACCEPTABLE.  First, the obvious.  Street courses are an abomination in general.  The ONLY event that comes close to being an actual event is Long Beach, and that is only due to a long history with the defunct CART series and Formula 1 before that.  Street courses result in lawsuits, bad relationships with governmental entities, pissed off fans, limited access, and nothing more than fast parades where ‘overtaking’ only occurs in the pits.  That is not racing.  That is a traveling gypsy carnival not regarded with much more respect.  If there is a God in heaven, there will be no street racing in Indy racing EVER.

Racing needs to occur on proper courses.  Natural terrain road courses are proper and have a place in the sport.  There is a diversity of courses in North America, and that niche can be fully exploited.  ‘Mergification’ makes it even more attractive a possibility.  What would be wrong with killing temporary circuits in favor fine legacy circuits and even great new venues such as Miller Motorsports Park in Utah?

Ovals are the backbone of American racing and open wheel should not just concede them to NASCAR.  That would be an insult to the sport and fans of it.  I’ve seen NASCAR and Indy cars at many common tracks in person, including Texas, Richmond and Indianapolis.  There is no comparison.  Indy cars are so much faster that I am admittedly spoiled.  I LOVE speed.  Your mileage may vary, and that is fine.

Ideal compromise balance:  10-5-3.  Ten ovals, five natural terrain road courses, and three temporary abomination gypsy carnivals.  Although 21-22 races a year is more optimal, and ZERO temporary courses would be perfect.

As a racing fan, I am beginning to grow weary of having my trust (if not private orifices) violated by goofy decisions.  I know the Penskes and Ganassis and the Andretti Greens of the sport are important, but when did they get put in charge?  During the life of the IRL, fans have been screwed out of legacy ovals Phoenix, Fontana and, most egregiously, Michigan—in favor of a temporary circuit in Detroit.  Oh, you say, we need to have a presence in Detroit.  What has Detroit done for Indy car racing lately?  Losing the oval in the Irish Hills is NOT acceptable and needs to be back on the schedule in 2009.

Here is something else that I might as well get off my chest.  For the past few years my brother and I have included the annual Last Row Party for the slowest drivers as part of our annual tradition.  A bunch of folks and fans get together, toss $30 bucks into a hat, then buy a table for ten.  It’s fun.  It’s even for a good cause.  This year, however, the price went up.  $37.50 a person.  That’s not so bad, but when you combine that increase with everything else; e.g., ticket service charges, high fuel prices, etc., I need to ask myself the following question:  Should I really spend the money on what is, at best, a protracted fifteen minute argument with one or more essentially clueless and indifferent, surly yellow shirts about simply parking for the event, wait in line for average food that clogs my already hardening arteries, pay extra for alcohol, listen to Bob Jenkins cuss and tell a few bad jokes, then watch drivers and Indy racing folks hurry up and bail so they may attend the Firestone party?   If it were a $10 party, or hell…even $30, I would probably do it again.

There are other parties that are free, and that may have to do.

I do not know whether anyone reads these meanderings or not, particularly inside Indy racing. But if so, this is a fan speaking.  A guy that spends hard earned money. 

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