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June 4, 2008

Idiots of the Week

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…include anyone who buys into the cockamamie conspiracy theory that Roger Penske engineered Danica Patrick’s win at Twin Ring Motegi to drum up attendance for the Indianapolis 500. 

First of all, does anyone honestly believe that Roger Penske or anyone at the top of his racing organization would willingly step aside for anyone, especially if a win was at stake, not to mention Helio Castroneves?  I can buy into the notion that Helio slowed down to conserve fuel; a fuel conservation strategy is what basically allowed Danica to win.  Roger is a big picture kind of guy, and a 2nd or 3rd in a points race is a lot better than sputtering to a halt before the race ends in a 12th or 13th place finish. 

For years we have heard how Danica can’t win at the Indy car level.  Then she does and what do we get?  It was a gift. 

Here is some practical advice for conspiracy nuts:  1.  Go ask Roger Penske himself.  2.  Go ask Helio Castroneves.  Preferably at differnent times.  Compare the answers.  Follow up on any discrepancies.  Be sure to ask ‘…did you willingly let Danica Patrick win to drum up support for the Indianapolis 500/because Tony George asked/etc.?’  He will probably get a chuckle. 

When will folks learn how to simply enjoy the sport? 

Here is another idiot that needs to be called out:  A part time NASCAR-centric columnist wannabe named Troy Harrison crapped out a blistering indictment concerning a portion of ABC’s pre-race coverage (watched from a hotel room outside Charlotte) that included, among other things, appearances by Sam Schmidt in his chair and Paul Dana’s widow.   Troy thought it was in bad taste. 

He seems to be in a minority.  I thought the piece brought home the inherent danger that goes along with the excitement of racing in a personal way.  I thought the piece was extremely well done.  Fans and prospective fans need to understand that every time a driver straps in, they are prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice for the love of a sport.  It does not get any more realistic than that.  That piece was one of the few great aspects of the coverage.  The show open was also great.  Emmys are usually won for those.  Eddie Cheever needs to be brought in to the booth full time. 

Stay tuned for future installments of Idiots of the Week. 


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  1. How about that goon named Dave Woolford from the Toledo rag? When people have no job skills, athletic ability, or any other value as a human being, they become ‘writers.’ A person can sit on their big, fat, lazy ass, and actually make a living doing it. Clearly it’s the easiest job in the world, and it obviously requires very little to no skills. A person gets paid for their opinion, right or wrong. I need to look into this myself. At least what I would write about motorsports would be factual, informing, fun and without fiction and innuendo.

    Comment by Open Wheel Fan — June 5, 2008 @ 9:13 am | Reply

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