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Texas Can Be A Strange Place

The world of cyberspace is still a mostly free, Wild West kind of place.  In the midst of generally entertaining dialog among like-minded enthusiasts on various fora, there are occasional speed bumps. People can draw their weapons and fire away in mischief mostly at will.  Most private Internet forums that appeal to one niche (like racing) are both owned and regulated by mostly insecure, not too bright, Barney Fife types who don’t/won’t even begin to understand, much less appreciate, the level of subtle humor and satire offered by some of their more creative contributors.  That is a real shame because the result is usually some type of temporary or permanent (and always futile) ban that is mostly the result of owner/moderator insecurity, lack of understanding or, in some cases, the whacky notion they are smarter or more important than those who contribute. 

It will be interesting to see how the evolution of this type of communication shakes out.  Hopefully the concept of free speech begins to override the petty, insecure ways in which most forums are moderated.  It often gets tedious attempting to accomplish something akin to in-depth discussion of quantum physics with a special education class. 

In the meantime, yours truly probably ought to ratchet up the old blog spouting machine.  Absent the relative possibility of being allowed to communicate freely with fellow fans in most places, the one-sided nature of this type of contribution can be fun, only with not enough give and take.  We will see what happens.  When selected racing forum proprietors remove their pompous heads from their collective behinds perhaps entertaining and harmless conversations with ‘Defender’ can resume.  Until then, you the ‘consumer’ will continue being deprived of meaningful entertainment, mostly the result of others just not getting it.

What is really important is Indy Racing.  One of the consistently very best occurs tonight at Texas Motor Speedway.  Eddie Gossage is a brilliant promoter who likes Indy Cars on his track.  In many ways it appears the management of Indy Racing has done as much as they can over the years to completely screw up that relationship, but hopefully the consistent magic of the racing will keep it on the schedule for years to come.  The 1.5 mile tracks have consistently offered the fastest, closest racing on the schedule.  The cart-ization of Indy Car over the past few years has removed much of the close drama, but that type of racing should hopefully return with the new entrants. 

Indy Racing at night is always a thing of beauty.  Too bad the most unprofessional broadcast partner in the history of sports television decided to tape delay the coverage on ESPN2 to make way for a secondary NASCAR series.  Tony:  Call NBC or anyone else.  Your 40+ year broadcast partner has not earned the right to be involved in any part of the upcoming ‘Centennial Era’ festivities. 

One reply to “Texas Can Be A Strange Place

  1. Wow, your brilliance is something that strikes awe in my relatively meaningless, chubby heart. Howard Dolan is an idiot for even thinking about banning someone with your intellect. Defender, you are a god.

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