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June 9, 2008

Racing and Chain Jerking-A Nice Combo

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I’d like to welcome all the newly exposed fans of the D.  Seems this quaint little blog has attracted some attention in certain fanatic, obsessive, stalker-crazed nether regions of the Internet.  Hey, the more the merrier.  All are welcome here even if you are not the sharpest tool in the shed. 

I saw a pretty good racing weekend with F-1, NASCAR, the Indy Racing Series and others running this weekend.  I’d like to ruminate about the ‘big three’ if I might.  I can take or leave F-1.  I enjoy watching, but I can only take so much arrogance and pompous holier than thou in what is nothing more than a micromanaged traveling  circus.  If I want pompousness or arrogance these days I do not have to look much further than NASCAR.  Or the mirror.  😉

Have any improvements been made to Pocono since 1978 or so?  Good Lord.  Oh, I know…they’ve got some SAFER up in the corners.  That track just looks worn down.  I try every week to watch NASCAR but if I don’t find something else by which to occupy my time I’ll fall asleep.  It’s too slow.  Half the time I can’t tell whether they are under yellow or are racing.  Today what got me through the hours of slow speeds and wanton butchering of the English language was my Bradley Smoker.  I spent the day doing some turkey breasts and finishing a couple of pork butts.  MMMmmmmm.  How can anyone not actually at a track sit there and just watch that stuff?  I don’t get it.  I try, but it remains difficult.  I can’t even do it half drunk or baked.

Despite ESPN’s ongoing attempts to kill the Indy Racing franchise, I tried watching the wholesale mangling of Indy Racing from Texas last night; the event that was tape delayed to allow the NASCAR B-team to take mostly yellow laps for 45 minutes.  Thank God for Internet streaming and the IMS Radio Network (even though virtually every member sounded as if they all had a few pops before the thing began). 

Negotiate heavily with NBC and their family of channels and media components; e.g., Universal.  Jim McKay’s passing is symbolic in a way.  It’s time for Indy racing’s 40+ year partnership with ESPN and ABC to end.  Anyone who had the ability to nurture and build that relationship on the broadcast side has been replaced by delinquent unprofessional clowns who see no further than NASCAR. 

The type of racing real racing fans came to enjoy at Texas returned, albeit for far too few laps.  The ‘transition’ drivers haven’t got the hang of it yet, but they are learning.  Once they get it that racing will again be as spectacular as it used to be.  Ryan Hunter Reay gave the Rahal car a great ride until he and Marco got together.   Marco’s high line was pretty cool for most of the night. 

The racing gets much better now.  Why does the best racing always happen after Indy?  Iowa and Richmond both look to be spectacular.  If you are in or near Richmond, that’s my next IRL trip and I hope to see you there. 


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