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June 13, 2008

NASCAR? Racist!? Could it Be!?

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The most entertaining thing in motor sports today is watching NASCAR apologists in person, print and/or cyberspace twist and turn continuously in silly looking attempts to deflect virtually any discussion whatsoever about the racial and sexual harassment lawsuit filed by former NASCAR official Mauricia Grant.  The complaint alleges some very specific actions, most of them vile and disgusting.  Brian France is inexplicably being stupid about it, telling people she did not follow the formal processes before offering a token ‘no comment.’  



The real problem is the stereotype that NASCAR and most of its fans are still, even a few decades removed from running moonshine through backwoods hollows, nothing more than ignorant, trailer-dwelling, mullet-clad, Confederate-flag-flying, teeth-missing, gingivitis-riddled, beer-swilling, gas-passing, funny-talking racist rednecks.  Listening to most of the boogity-containing television commentary reinforces some of the stereotyping.  The type of behavior alleged in Grant’s complaint reinforces it a whole lot more.



Placed into the shoes of Brian France, I would attempt to extinguish this lit match with a fire hose.  Quickly.  Why?  Damage control before it becomes an inferno.  Suspend everyone involved until resolution occurs.  Hire scum-sucking, aggressive, maniac lawyers.  What if Mauricia Grant is nothing more than a greedy, opportunistic, easy-way-out shakedown artist hijacking a legitimate cause to make herself rich (another stereotype becoming popular about her race)?  That is certainly possible as well.  Anything is possible when lawyers get involved.  Especially sleazy ones who make a mockery of their profession.



The important thing is that everyone works through the process.  Meantime, what has happened thus far will do little to erase redneck stereotyping of NASCAR and many of its fans.  People often criticize me for these views, but more often than not I get the distinct impression they are clearly uncomfortable with that particular spotlight.  Then again, they seem to enjoy watching 42-car parades of really slow packs of ‘stock’ cars whose owners are beginning to spend money approaching F-1 levels for no apparent reason as they whore themselves out in every imaginable way resulting in an onslaught of spam-like message exposure in every available frame.  Sooner or later the weight they have gained will collapse in on itself.  This year, however, we’ll endure predictable rhetoric from many usual idiots about how ratings are up or how they are ‘connected to the people’ or other such feel-good babble.  While NASCAR is defending itself against alleged Ku Klux Klan-like behavior.  



Speaking of whoring yourself out, did anyone happen to catch Jack Arute’s interview before the Indianapolis 500 with Scott Dixon and Dan Wheldon?  Both were prominently holding cans of Diet Pepsi (even being careful to make sure the logo on the can was visible) and pretending to sip beverage out of them.  They are great race car drivers but really bad actors.  They need to work on their selling skills.  I wonder how much money that blatant stunt earned?  The more I watch that clip, the more humorous it becomes.  


 Hopefully it stops raining long enough in Newton, Iowa for another great IRL race on Rusty’s small, wide oval.  Bring it on!



  1. Defender, your brilliance and wit continues to astound me. Big fan. Keep up the great work.

    Comment by Gee, what brilliant observations — June 14, 2008 @ 2:30 am | Reply

  2. You do realize this is just another example of how pervasive the evil black lobby is, right?

    Comment by Troy Harrison — June 14, 2008 @ 12:08 pm | Reply

  3. Hey Defender, speaking of minorities, why do all those ethnic moderators from that Smack Forum place continuously stalk you and change your posts all the time? It’s obvious why the only word they hate is “nigger.” I guess it hits too close to home for some. How many does it take to run a kindergarten intelligence level forum anyway? I can count a gay Samoan from San Francisco, another one who’s a fat ugly Mexican ambulance attendant, and that disfigured funny looking and talking guy in Australia. And the constantly drunk guy who’s married to a judge. It’s a good thing that isn’t an all-black forum, because I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t stick around with the constant use of that word among those people. Although the intelligence level is pretty equivalent, 30 year olds with third-grade brains. I wonder if they throw turds at people and pick bugs off each other when they get together to drink.

    Comment by Cyber Monkey — June 15, 2008 @ 1:06 pm | Reply

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