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June 29, 2008

2nd Best Indy Racing Venue Outside Indy

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Richmond.  Despite the aggressive stupidity I saw last night in the first part of the race.  Here is something the drivers of Indy Racing may want to consider:  You are NOT going to win the race in the first half.  You can pass at Richmond, but it must be set up and executed using patience and strategy.  Too much aggression = wall.  Wall=expensive repair bills.  If I could be an owner I would have an independent group of experts judge stupidty vs. victim for my driver, then I would dock pay for the former to pay for crash damage.  Nevertheless, it was another really good event.  Some random observations:

-Far too many yellows. Too many people were being way too stupid. That must cease.  Aggression is great.  Agression mixed with stupidity or dwindling reflexes due to age (Team Roth) is dangerous. -The second half of the race was much better than the first.

-The crowd actually started booing at one point close to the halfway point with the one-yellow-after-another situation.

-Ryan Hunter Reay was a hoot to listen to. Before the accident he was observing they were in 10th place despite having a ‘piece of s#*$ car.’ When he and Moraes got together, they were jawing and shoving when they climbed out, in the safety truck (with an official betweeen them), in the care center, and outside the safety center. Funny line from RHR: I know these things happen and I expect if from time to time. But this happened with Mario Moraes!. Why couldn’t a front runner have attempted to race me? Classic.

-Brian Barnhart went nuts a couple of times.

-Drive of the night: Two folks. Jaime Camara and Twinkle Toes. Camara diced through basically the entire field, twice, and usually high. His car evenutally went away and caused his incident late, but that guy was a joy to watch the entire night. Helio ran a very good race. A couple of times you could see him fighting a palpable loose condition, and he kept it going.

-Servia was also very consistent. Danica Patrick evidently needs a 90-foot wide track to pass anyone or she cusses up a storm.

-John Andretti needs to be parked. He is a menace. Time to put Jay Howard back in the car. The majority of the reason the first part of the race appeared to suck can be directly attributed to his bonehead driving.

-Marty Roth is a hazard. (Good line from Danica’s folks one time when she was coming up on him…Danica you’re on lap 97 and Marty Roth is just ahead…he’s 100 laps down). He would make a much better owner than a driver. He needs to turn the seat over to someone with talent and be a Michael Andretti, who never won an Indy 500 as a driver either.

-Townsend Bell had a great run too.

-Darren Manning and the Foyt folks did everything they could to finish the race. They were fun to listen to as well.

-The crowd at Richmond was the largest ever at that track for the IRL. The majority of suites were filled, and they twice moved the safety tape between 1 and 2, and 3 and 3 to let more people get seated.



Before the race, I was locating and programming the AGR frequencies of the week on my scanner, and the Firehawk mascot was out on the track firing rolled up t-shirts into the crowd from a small cannon. Normally I don’t pay attention to that nonsense, but at one moment I looked up just in time to see a rolled up t-shirt missile coming from space. Got me squarely in the family jewels. I dropped the radio and the headphones and my refreshing beverage and uttered a few words not really fit for mixed company. Everyone in the vicinity began laughing, not knowing anything about the pain I was feeling.  I even gave the stupid shirt to a nearby kid.

Richmond remains my favorite Indycar venue behind Indy. For ISC, they keep that track in great shape.

Congratulations Tony Kanaan!





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  1. FWIW the television replay showed Foyt crowding John Andretti, causing his own demise. He crowded (Marco’d) him down till they touched.

    I noticed while lurking on the hate forum one of the more eccentric mental midgets claiming he’d never seen an IRL car spin a complete 360. Apparently he must have looked away at the start of the race, as well as several other occasions throughout the season where spinning and getting away with it happens quite a bit.

    Comment by Cyber Monkey — June 29, 2008 @ 7:52 pm | Reply

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