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July 2, 2008

The Experiment Did Not Work. Let’s End It.

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Chip Ganassi announced yesterday he was shutting down Dario Franchitti’s NASCAR Cup operation.  The really tragic part is the high number of former employees now heading for area unemployment offices today.  Trying to run a multi-million dollar operation without sponsorship can be challenging.


I maintain an opinion that open wheel boys should shut down this quaint little sociology project once and for all. Not one of them will probably to amount to a hill of boogity beating their heads against that particular wall. There are simply not many Tony Stewart-like old school guys out there.  

What none of these open wheel champions chucking success seem to adequately grasp is that it is not possible to simply waltz in there and run up front. It probably will not ever happen. Successful drivers must apprentice first. For YEARS. Like plumbers or welders. If Dario Franchitti or Jacques Villeneuve or Paul Tracy or anyone of that ilk had done that their outcomes may have been different. It would be relatively easy for anyone with a whiff of talent providing they start in something with an engine forward and no wings plus an ability to engage in glorified drifting southern style.  In other words, the NASCAR ‘trade school’ starts with running homemade jalopy-like contraptions around small tracks in the heartland, then slowly climbing that ladder.


Trying to re-engineer (or UN-engineer as the case may be) a rear-engined, winged open wheel guy into a stock car driver is usually destined to fail.  It is a real shame folks like Sam Hornish, who really is trying as hard as he can in a first class ride, are now making themselves look foolish while becoming the object of ridicule by what essentially appear to be nothing more than mostly ignorant redneck hilljacks.   

The continuing futility of otherwise highly successful open wheel champions merely incites such NASCAR apologists into deluding themselves toward belief that success in NASCAR equals greater talent.

 Frankly, I miss sideshows that contain elements such as Ashley Judd’s erect nipples in see-through clothing on rainy race days and her hefty sister warbling pre-race tunes. It is just not the same without Sam Hornish’s father trying to punch Tony Kanaan in his oversized schnozzola.  

 These guys and gals, of course, are always welcome back.  Indy Racing is on a growth curve upward that is more pronounced this year, and that should continue as long as they avoid putting on crappy performances like the first half of Richmond this year.  


See you at Watkins Glen!



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  1. Scott Speed. He’s an open wheel guy, right? Looks promising.

    I think Montoya will succeed as well. He’s just not on a very good team right now. He acts like he wants to be there, and he’s got a real big personality (which counts for a lot). Dario? Not so much. He just doesn’t seem like NASCAR material to me. His wife is bona fide though; crazy from back in the woods.

    Dario should forget his dreams of NASCAR money and go race ALMS. He’d be a valuable guy on an LMP team. I hear Andretti’s looking for someone! 😉

    Comment by Oben — July 3, 2008 @ 3:41 am | Reply

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