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July 11, 2008

OK, Maybe That Was a Little Harsh

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I received a fair amount of criticism yesterday for putting a mug shot of Jimmy Spencer in the blog.  It was called by one guy a ‘gratuitous hatchet job.’  For that, I apologize.  In the interest of fairness I decided instead to post a picture of Jimmy relaxing at the beach instead of at the Cornelius Police Station.  


As a real token of my appreciation, I intend to send him a salt lick to help heal the wound.  All I would ask in return is that he tone it down with regard to Indy Racing. Without Indy Racing blazing the trail decades ago, there would be no NASCAR.  



Speaking of overweight loudmouths, Paul Tracy may actually drive one of those ‘crapwagons’ by Edmonton.  


Hey, isn’t that something he said he would never do, but did anyway? Karma was not kind to him either.  He thinks his picture should be on the Borg Warner trophy.  I think it actually is. 




Here, an actual legitimate Indianapolis 500 winner, Sam Hornish, gazes at Tracy’s likeness permanently ensconced atop the Borg Warner between the inner thighs of the man holding the flag hidden behind his flag forearm. Hypocrisy seems to typify the more militant of the cart holdouts.  It appears he will drive one of those ‘crapwagons’ after all.  




Sometimes folks ask me what I like to read.  There are few destinations in cyberspace worthy of checking out.  I used to enjoy most racing forums, but not so much any more. The vast majority of them are nothing more than kindergarten classrooms full of malcontented hostile idiots who generally have serious problems with spelling, grammar and comprehension, and have a tendency to assume the role of God in their miserable basement dwelling lives.  And the contributors are even worse.  Instead, I like seeking out and reading fresh, entertaining pieces by those who truly enjoy the sport as a whole and understand the big picture. 


One such site you need to add to your list, as I have, is: www.planet-irl.blogspot.com

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