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July 14, 2008

Why Did Ma Nature End It Early?

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OH!  Before I forget, a woman won the Indy Lights race at Nashville.  Ana Beatriz.  She’s Brazilian.  Pretty fast and talented, too.  She didn’t geet as much attention for her win as Danica did for hers, but we should see what the future holds.  Indy Lights graduates have been getting jacked around as they try to move up, so the path remains difficult.  That series is matriculating some fine drivers, so here’s hoping they get noticed.


This blogger continues to receive grief over what is perceived by some to be harsh treatment of Jimmy Spencer, the loud, boisterous tongue wagger employed by what I have begun referring to as SCARY, which stands for ‘Stock Car Auto Racing Yelling,’ which is what Speed should consider for a name change.  For real.  Their nearly continuous dissection of every granule of even ancillary NASCAR information wrapped around nearly continuous re-airs of their original programming options have rendered the channel unwatchable other than the occasional events held by other series.  


I try to take people to task only when they earn it.  Jimmy has.  My tongue is firmly in my cheek.  Like Jimmy’s.  


The Nashville Indy Car race ended early due to rain, and for the first time in the past couple of weeks there was actual racing, including passing and not a lot of wrecking.  Scott Dixon parlayed a fuel gamble into a default win, and he remains the guy with most of the wins and points.  We are also more than halfway through the Indy Car season.  It is going way too fast. 



No one knows whether the race will be back next year, which is a shame.  They have the coolest trophy on the circuit. 



On the other hand, there was basically no promotion and the local race didn’t even knock the NASCAR Chicago race off the front of the sports section.  If the leadership of Indy Racing bags the event for whatever reason, I sincerely hope they don’t do it to add more roads and streets.  If that is the direction, I wish they would share the business case.  The Nashville race is a perfect example of starting something from nothing, building it up and making it an annual event.  Yanking it out from the folks there and hoping they’ll drive to Kentucky instead seems slimy and not a very good way to treat fans.    


Another potentially bright spot:  Depending on Bruton Smith’s mood today, Indy Racing could end up back at Loudon and/or Las Vegas, and either of those OVALS offers interesting possibilities.  



Mid-Ohio, another former cart haunt, is next.  Be still my heart.  The ‘transition’ drivers may do a bit better.  


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