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July 15, 2008

More Paul Tracy Words I Never Thought I Would Hear

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“I’m excited about the opportunity with Vision Racing”


I do think back, however, to another of his famous quotes, followed by actually doing it anyway. 



It figures it would be a food joint.  



Jared appears to be rather enjoying the $5 footlongs these days.  Sounds like a treat; here’s hoping Paul Tracy behaves himself and makes it through a few turns at Edmonton before shredding any nicely painted carbon fiber with what could be a quality sponsor.  I guess Mr. Sub, Harveys, PizzaPizza and Tim Hortons weren’t available. 



Believe it or not, that wasn’t the BIG announcement where I am concerned.  The BIG announcement, to my way of thinking, is the end of the holdout for ‘uncle’ Gerry Forsythe, Tracy’s champcar owner and ‘hell freezes over’ type of militant where Indy Racing is concerned.  Indy Racing also announced today: “Indianapolis-based Forsythe Racing Inc. announced its intention to compete full time in the official development series of the IndyCar Series. Forsythe Racing claimed titles with Greg Moore in 1995 and David Empringham in 1996.”  


Well, well, well.  Tony George continues to roll out the red carpet to those who have attempted multiple back stabbings.  I have my doubts I could be that professionally aloof.  I am glad he manages it so well. 


My only advice would be to start wearing Kevlar.  I have a feeling you will need it. All of the foxes are back in the hen house, and something tells me they do not possess the same level of business professionalism and courtesy being extended.  


For those who have lamented the loss of cart, it appears to be back only with Tony George in charge.  Funny how life works out. 


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  1. At the press conference Tony should have said right in front of the gathered media “Paul I think this would be a good time to apologize for all your bullshit behavior after the 2002 500.”

    Comment by Cyber Monkey — July 15, 2008 @ 10:38 pm | Reply

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