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July 22, 2008


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By now you have probably seen or heard about the spat between Danica Patrick and Milka Dunno in the Citgo pit at Mid-Ohio this past weekend. Someone managed to catch ‘Tinkerbell’ (that is how Danica known among many of the teams) getting into the face of Milka, often called the ‘Charo’ of Indy Racing.  












Milka did not appreciate the questioning. Towels were tossed. Middle fingers were extended. My take is that Milka is decidedly slower than Danica. Lots of other drivers are too.  Danica thought Milka should have moved over. Perhaps Danica could figure out how to aggressively pass Milka instead. Her teammate, the owner’s son, has that mentality. Make the pass or crash the car(s). Danica should probably align herself more toward that philosophy while she is still relatively young.  


The best part of the entire road rage episode was Danica storming off with a threat to have Brian Barnhart get involved. Good luck with that. 


Brian Barnhart

Brian Barnhart




Next time I want hair pulling and preferably mammary glands exposed. I remain partial to those attached to Milka. 



On the business side, ratings are up despite continuing screwing by ESPN on ABC and the race was remarkably well attended despite two thundershowers before the event. This weekend there is a stupid temporary ‘circuit’ on the schedule, remnants of the IRL bend-over for champcar. Edmonton is a fine city up there in Canada, and the crowd will probably be good for that one too. Ratings will suck, as usual, given the low-tier status by the broadcasting ‘partner.’ 


All that means is that as long as the check clears this event will enjoy a long life on the Indy Car schedule. As opposed to a legacy oval like Phoenix or Michigan. I wish the folks in charge could figure out a way to make the sport easier to enjoy for its most diehard fans. I will not hold my breath. Fan friendliness is one item rarely included on any agenda.

If you are going, have fun. If you are attempting to watch, good luck.  With just five events left in the season, it may be too late to start the Scott Goodyear drinking game. If he is retained for 2009 I will make a note to myself to define the parameters.



  1. …I agree with almost everything you wrote, nice take.

    Duno has no business in the IndyCar Series, she needs a couple of seasons at least in Indy Lights. And while I believe she didn’t have to slow down or drastically change her line for a faster car, she also could have made it easier for Danica to pass, especially in that it was only practice. That said, I give an ‘atta-girl’ to Milka for standing up to the Danica. I don’t approve or think this is the kind of classy promotion the series needs or should be really proud of…kinda a circus atmosphere IMO and lacking professionalism. However if the series likes it as others do and that kind of promotion is good then I want to see Duno put Patrick on her @$$.

    I also thought it was rich that Danica was threatening to go to Barnhart. And if that wasn’t funny enough the thought that Barnhart might take some or any kind of action against a driver, afterall he gave Duno an IRL license.

    I’ve always detested temporary & street circuits, especially for Indycars. However to be fair and honest there have been a few exceptions that have produced good races. Cleveland immediately comes to mind as does Long Beach and St. Pete, all of these venues have had more ‘good’ races than bad. I believe that Edmonton will be in this category as well. It’s a good lay-out that has produced some good races in the former Champ Car series.

    Comment by indyracefan — July 23, 2008 @ 10:58 am | Reply

  2. You’d have to be queer to not want to hit that.

    Comment by Cyber Monkey — July 23, 2008 @ 8:01 pm | Reply

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