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July 25, 2008

Random Race Weekend Musing

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Welcome to race weekend!  NASCAR takes center stage at the hallowed track that gave the entire sport its legitimacy in a 180 mph parade of semi-fast driving all over the ESPN and ABC platforms to a degree not seen since the last Super Bowl. ESPN’s bastard stepchild ‘partner’ series Indy Racing gets relegated to cable on Saturday.  


Wonder whether Special Ed Hinton will be welcomed into IMS as if he had not written some of the most scathing, needless hostility in recent memory against Indy Racing? Perhaps the most effective punitive punishment IMS could enforce (pulling his press credentials after the Charlotte hatchet job backfired when his fellow hand-that-feeds-them biters played the whiny victim card and nailed themselves en masse to crosses in their various media outlets) would be to block his access to the free food in the media center. It might help his health situation as well. 

Special Ed Hinton

Special Ed Hinton

One of the more potentially interesting components of the off season may well be watching whether or not Indy Racing has the guts to tell ESPN and the Disney family o’ channels to take a hike. ESPN is the entity that has in the past intentionally blocked page views to Indy Racing after yours truly pointed it out (ESPN cited ‘software glitches’) and hired champcar employees before that group self immolated itself. Twice. It took them way too long to fire the most bitter of the malcontented, Robin Miller. In his place there is John Oreovicz, a former champcar employee who is scared to death of ovals and has often taken the low road in criticism of that discipline, Tony George and the Indy Racing Series. Then you have Ed Hinton, who goes out of his way in a NASCAR-themed column to slam Indy Racing for no apparent reason.

Blight On Society Robin Miller

Blight on Society Robin Miller

Little Man John Oreovicz

Little Man John Oreovicz

Watching the Edmonton practices was pretty interesting on a variety of levels. Hopefully those often referred to as great drivers can manage to keep the cars on the actual track for a change before being broadcast on actual cable television.

Over the years, the more loudmouthed of the champcar idiot apologists who steadfastly refuse to budge from 1995 have whined about a lot of things, including what they feel are ugly Indy cars. The average fan, of course, could care less. These are the same simplistic poor sport blights on society who also believe it is worthwhile to chide the Indy Cars for being a second or two slower a lap than cars that are now in pieces in a warehouse. Usually the only thing such hypocrites deserve is being ignored, but part of the ‘ugly car’ criticism may actually have merit.

Indy Racing Choo-Choo Trains

Indy Car Choo-Choo Trains

A few weeks ago vertical pieces were noticed on front wings on the RLR car of Ryan Hunter-Reay. Now many more teams have them, and they are becoming more pronounced. They actually do resemble cow catchers on the front of a locomotive. More of a concern to me than looks is safety. One of those flying at the wrong angle could easily slice off a limb. With Paul Tracy on the grid, the chances for accidents increase exponentially. Thank goodness most of the ‘track’ is in the middle of an airport. We can only hope this ugly front wing experiment in aerodynamics is short lived. Before someone gets hurt. Visually or physically.


Meantime, let’s go racing. It will be a full weekend.


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