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July 27, 2008

Canadian Bakin’

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Here are a few random musings about a big race weekend. It is really kind of humorous watching the breathing challenged John Roberts along with his two hilljack partners doing all the NASCAR-TV fluff programming from OUTSIDE the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in a bus parking lot across Georgetown Road from the track. I guess the riff-raff must be kept out. That looks almost as pathetic as when the IRL broadcast ‘partner’ ESPN gave up NASCAR then got locked out of every track. That did not stop them from sending two or three ‘reporters’ to stand outside tracks all over the country and use photographs to recap action.

NASCAR-TV Pre-Race Broadcast Crew

NASCAR-TV Pre-Race Broadcast Crew


Speaking of Indy racing’s broadcast ‘partner,’ ESPN decided to gut key members of the Indy Racing broadcast crew to cover the NASCAR B-team at Raceway Park instead of a regular IRL race in Canada. They were considerate enough to leave the broadcast team back markers and plug in old favorite Bob Jenkins and cart refugee Jon Beekhuis.

Bob Jenkins

Bob Jenkins

Here is a sad observation. Bob Jenkins fits like a comfy pair of old slippers. He always provides smooth, consistent delivery that reflects a love of the sport. Last night it sounded as if Bob had popped a couple of downers before the broadcast. Despite the way-too-mellow approach, he managed to do two important things:

1.   Convince me that even impaired Jenkins is better than Marty Reid.

2.   Make Scott Goodyear sound excited.

Then there is Jon Beekhuis. It was good to hear him again, but it quickly became apparent he needs a reminder of two things:

1.   cart/champcar is dead.

Better Than Brianne

Better Than Brianne

2.   There are other drivers and team members to interview or keep track of other than former cart/champcar teams.

A really great gesture by ESPN would be to re-hire Jenkins for play-by-play, plug Eddie Cheever in to replace Scott Goodyear, and send Ms. Pedigo packing in favor of Gary Gerould. THAT would be GREAT.

OK, on to the Indy Car race. Races on temporary circuits suck. Every break last night (and there were plenty) began with a spot promoting what a great place Edmonton is. While I do not disagree, if everything is so great why can’t they build a real track?

Timed races suck worse and should be outlawed. I do not care if SportsCenter has to be delayed. The ‘partner’ should not either. The timed aspect yesterday completely screwed up the finish of that race. That is completely unacceptable.

Drama was provided by Tinkerbell and the team owner’s boy. Maaco Andretti got up into poop chute and knocked her offline.

One of the best drives of the day was turned in by Paul Tracy, who took what is probably a Vision one-off mercy humped over to Derrick Walker and drove it, wreck free, from 15th to 4th. That is great. He spent a lot of his time talking about proving himself and deserving a ride. My thought is that over the years Paul has reaped what he has sown. He has not had to act like a jackassed poor sport after blowing an Indy 500 win primarily over being boneheaded. He has not had to spout off about ‘crapwagons’ or negative perceptions of Indy Racing. He has not had to race for the most anti-IRL militant in the entire split, although even Gerry Forsythe seems to have found religion now. In other words, a little less running of his mouth and a little more sportsmanship could have easily resulted in a full time Indy ride whenever he wanted one. Personally I would not have thrown away the prime of my career pursuing a dead end as he did.

Paul Tracy

Paul Tracy

A.J. Foyt IV did something Paul Tracy did not. Led laps under green. He ran great and also stayed out of trouble. Enrique Bernoldi finally had a reasonably good race despite a late spin. E.J. Viso angered a few more folks.

The Indy Car series takes a well deserved week off before the oval at Kentucky. The Defender family can hardly wait and will be there en masse to cheer on the teams.

See you there! 

Oh, by the way…a hearty Defender shout out to another great site to add to your daily reading diet: www.mynameisirl.com.  Thanks for the ‘D’ link!


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  1. are you sure that is the nascar braodcast crew? looks more like a canadian news crew.

    Comment by jerry trail — May 14, 2011 @ 8:21 pm | Reply

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