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August 4, 2008

Sorry To Keep Preaching, But…

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The only thing about NASCAR racing that consistently drives me up a wall is the relatively slow speed at which they run green laps. I was up in the corporate suite at an MLB game yesterday, and they have a lot of monitors in there. Naturally, one of the screens was tuned to ESPN for the Cup race at Pocono.



I left the ball game at some point during the eighth inning and went home. When I arrived, the Pocono race still had 21 laps to go. I finished mowing the lawn in time to see the last 11 while I prepared and ate supper. It is all just too slow.


In any event, it is racing and many times worth watching. The reality is a lot of people enjoy it and more power to them. There is one other aspect of the race yesterday that is simultaneously funny and pathetic and has nothing to do with NASCAR’s on track product.



ESPN featured something they call their ‘motor sports’ calendar for the following weekend. The Indy Racing Series is scheduled to run at Kentucky Saturday night and there are a lot of story lines. One of the best is the return of Sarah Fisher with Dollar General sponsorship. Was there even a whiff of a mention on ESPN of the Indy Car event scheduled for ESPN? No. Not one. It has been that way for a few weeks. Oddly, NASCAR events are freely promoted with considerable frequency during ICS programming.




Think it’s your imagination that you have not seen a lot of Indy Racing promos on the air? It’s not.


NASCAR Promotion on ESPN

Indy Car Promotion on ESPN (below)






 What are the specific reasons for this omission? No one at ESPN seems willing to discuss it, with the possible exception of pre-negotiation of the next deal in the press. The person directly responsible for these editorial decisions should be fired for incompetence and lack of anything even remotely resembling professionalism. Not promoting a franchise for which they have rights is completely inexcusable.


There is no point in being angry with ESPN for their long term adultery with and subsequent marriage to NASCAR before they finalized their Indy Racing divorce. They have exposed themselves to be the creeps they are. It is high time for Indy Racing to quit acting like a silent battered wife. The abuse being heaped on them should never be tolerated.


ESPN wants to be a part of the Centennial Era? Why? How could they possibly deserve that privilege? ESPN wants to celebrate the 50th anniversary of a broadcasting partnership? Not a chance. They have blown it. Indy Racing, do the right thing. Dump this joke of a partnership before any more of its fetid stench fouls the sport. Just a thought.


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  1. ESPN/ABC family o’ channels will treat it like a one night stand. It’ll be just like courting a woman, having sex with her, then unceremoniously dumping her at the end of the night. They’ll go back to being the nascar stooges they always were. Bring on NBC!

    Comment by Cyber Monkey — August 4, 2008 @ 8:09 pm | Reply

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