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August 15, 2008

Fear Disguised as Arrogance

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Fear manifests itself in many ways. One is an incessant running of the mouth about something that is completely unknown. Scott Speed is a young man who possesses a high degree of talent but also a tendency to run his mouth in slimy, arrogant ways. That is a brashness no doubt picked up during his short, futile stint in F-1.


A few years ago he won the rough equivalent of ‘American Idol’ for race car drivers. Red Bull paid his freight to become a backmarker novelty in F-1 for a crappy team. Even that had to be a lot of fun. Nice paint jobs, too.



After washing out across the pond, he decided to do NASCAR. Much to his credit he decided to approach it the correct way by starting in the lower rungs like ARCA to pick up the craft. He did not waltz in there like Villeneuve or Montoya or Franchitti or Hornish, etc., and expect to compete at the highest levels of that branch of the sport without adequate apprenticeship. As a result he has been doing great, even winning races and leading points battles.


Why, then, would he feel compelled to spout nonsense about something he clearly does not get? In USA Today, there is an article about Scott possibly advancing to Cup for 2010.


Scott says he felt uncultured in F-1, but feels the other way around in NASCAR.


At one point out of the clear blue sky, out popped this sentence:


“…But Speed — who calls the IRL IndyCar Series “not a challenge at all” and says he’s “as good as” every other F1 driver — has been labeled arrogant by some critics.”    

Here is my question: If a USA columnist is doing a column about a fired F-1 driver trying to make it in NASCAR, what possible relevance does some sort of Indy Racing slam borne of ignorant fear have? I would like to believe it is because all feel the Indy Car Series is as important and NASCAR or F-1. But the writer and the driver probably do not. Further, if he was as good as every other F-1 driver would he not still be there? The top teams have all had openings in the past few years. Why wouldn’t, say, Ferrari have picked him up?

Moral of the story: Don’t knock it until you try it. The vast majority of those who casually dismiss Indy Racing are downright afraid to try it. Chicken. Panty wearing, fearful wussies.


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