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August 18, 2008

Monday Monday…Can’t Trust That Day

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It is a slow day on a Monday between Indy Racing weekends. We could shoot the breeze aimlessly about this, that and the other, but what would be the point? We should be people of action. They speak louder than words. In that spirit, I present today’s ‘to-do’ list:


ü Call your local cable or satellite provider if you are unable to locate Versus. That is a channel you must have added prior to the start of the 2009 racing season. Demand it even if you have to be on hold for two hours. Do not take no for an answer.


ü Contact Versus and strongly suggest that Jack Arute, Bob Jenkins, Gary Gerould and Vince Welch be a part of the coverage.


ü Just for giggles, chide one of the remaining handful of cart ‘fans’ still residing in 1995 or before and suggest they grow up and join the rest of the planet here in 2008.


ü Contact the Indy Racing Series and point out how overwhelmingly popular it is to root for Americans considering the record ratings and revenue NBC is shoveling in for Olympics coverage.


ü While you are in contact with the ICS, tell them street parades cannot suck enough and should be avoided like the plague. A real series should always run on real and proper race tracks. Temporary courses are a twisted perversion of a pure sport. An abomination.


ü Actively seek and suggest tangible ways to make participation in the IRL easier, more accessible and less expensive.


ü Make fun of lowest common denominator NASCAR stooges just because you should. J

NASCAR 'Car of Tomorrow' As Configured for the Brickyard 400



  1. Contact Versus and strongly suggest that Jack Arute, Bob Jenkins, Gary Gerould and Vince Welch be a part of the coverage.

    WHY? Versus was picked because they PAID the IRL & the fact that they will bring a new vision to the IndyCar broadcasts… WTF needs ABC/ ESPN re-treads??? Let VS start fresh with their broadcast team.

    Comment by DEAN — August 18, 2008 @ 8:30 pm | Reply

  2. Jenkins and Arute are nothing but Tony Bootlickers.

    Comment by TroyM — August 19, 2008 @ 12:57 am | Reply

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