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August 31, 2008

The Dark Side of Helio

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Helio Castroneves is a happy go lucky guy and a winner on and off the track. Not since Scott Sharp, however, has there been a more formidable blocker on the track. Today at that rat infested, sparsely attended waste of perfectly good Indy cars on Belle Isle outside Detroit for a Roger Penske bendover to manufacturers not even involved in open wheel anymore he danced as if he was with Julianne again, only right in front of Justin Wilson. From one side of the track to the other. Blatant.

When Helio gets called on his bad behavior he gets angry. Brazilian angry. And it is not a pretty site. The most entertaining part of the broadcast was Arute’s chasedown of Helio afterward.

Driving slowly enough to have the idiotic temporary circuit event degenerate into another of those contemptible TIMED events instead of anything even remotely resembling an actual start-to-finish, HONEST race was enough of a joke already.

When Barnhart demanded Helio let Justin Wilson pass, that should have put to rest the critics who have derided him all season for being a Penske homer who will let them get away with anything, particularly after the big fire. Looks to me like Justin Wilson deserved the win. He is the first so called transition driver to actually earn a win in Indy Car, and good for him. Good for the Newman-Haas team as well. Paul no doubt got a lift from that accomplishment.

The best news of all is that the points chase is still not over and moves to Chicagoland next week, and the Defender brigade will be there to enjoy every second of it.

Future suggestion for the entire Indy Car Series: Dump the gypsy street carnival for a real race track. There is a GREAT one not too far away in the Irish Hills. Penske can kiss the behinds of Detroit movers and shakers just as well over there. He has proven that time and time again in the past.


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  1. “…Justin Wilson deserved the win. He is the first so called transition driver to actually earn a win in Indy Car…”

    What about Graham Rahal? He won in St. Pete. so he was the first of the “transition drivers” to win in Indy Car. I’d say he “earned” that win and probably should be credited as being the first one of the bunch to win.

    Comment by Nicky Scarfa — September 2, 2008 @ 3:42 pm | Reply

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