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September 8, 2008

You Mean We Have to Wait Six Months!?

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Amazing.  Simply amazing. They waited until the last race of the season (that counts) to put on the best performance of the entire year. They were side by side in mainly two packs all day long. Wall banging was limited to primarily equipment failure instead of driver failure, and that was most refreshing.


Anyone who has never seen an Indy Car race on the Chicagoland track outside Joliet has no idea what they are missing. I have not seen the ABC broadcast yet, but the few minutes I monitored to ensure I got it were uninspired as usual and failed to capture the puckering moments provided every single green lap in front of a NASCAR-sized crowd.


One of the things I heard was the typical canned ‘you’re just along for the ride’ after Ed hit the wall. I liked Scott Goodyear as a driver and for about a year and a half on television. Now I cannot take it any longer. He could leave the earth and ABC/ESPN could simply use clips for any situation and it would sound live.


Those sentiments are negative, however, and the race was far from that. Do yourself a favor. Go to that race next year before the cart squatters turn the entire series into F-1 lite again. You will thank me later. The following picture from the LA Times captures the mood…



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  1. After watching the last three races of this season, I will never understand why the IRL is insisting on adding more road/street courses to the schedule.

    Comment by Gurney Eagle — September 9, 2008 @ 3:24 pm | Reply

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