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September 9, 2008

Mental Illness

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When I am not blogging I am generally driving blithering idiots into desperate acts on Internet forums. My ‘Defender’ character has been doing that effectively since 1994. I remember forums such as IRace and others. The jackassery of some in cyberspace is nothing new. It becomes a little disturbing when some of the childish imbeciles who take this stuff far too seriously begin calling my real life employers and clients, something that happens every few months. Usually they expose themselves to be the challenged defects they are, usually with bad spelling and grammar expressed in barely literate fashion.


The epitome of that type of Internet mental illness is when someone gets so eaten up with their ‘Defender’ obsession that he/she/it hijacks the moniker when new forums surface. When that happens (and it happens every single time) it is flattering on one level, but in reality is well beyond creepy in a Mark David Chapman/John Hinckley way. One of these fake ‘Defenders’ even showed up at an IRL pre-race party in Atlanta back in the late 1990s. A few of my friends in attendance who actually know me in real life had a great time exposing that particular fool.


The most recent example of ‘Defender’ identity theft is on the new Versus TV forums. Versus is the newest broadcast partner of the Indy Racing Series. Versus employs professionals who want to make Indy Racing a programming centerpiece. They have taken enough of an interest to immerse themselves into the way the series operates almost from the moment the deal got signed.


The immature approach of a handful of disenfranchised cart fans who will never get beyond the failure of their preferred series will probably always attempt to destroy the sport as a result, or at least until they reach their 30s or some other discernable form of adulthood. That is truly sad behavior. The only one(s) who genuinely need professional mental help, however, are those so obsessed with an Internet character that they resort to woefully inappropriate behavior.


My apologies in advance to the Versus folks running that burgeoning forum for the destructive lunacy that is certain to follow from the handful of vulgar Indy Racing haters. The ‘Defender’ currently crapping all over your forum is obviously not even a third rate imitator, although the spelling is a little better this time.


Ridicule is easy when it comes to the darkly retarded but that too is childish. A more compassionate reaction is sadness with hope the disturbed individuals who go down that road will seek competent, professional mental health assistance. I will even pay for it. The sport I love is too great to be polluted by deranged sociopaths bent on destroying what is not to their liking.


irldefender@aol.com. Accept no really bad substitutes.


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