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September 10, 2008

Collective Mental Illness

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The Indy Car Series just put the official wrap on another great season capped by one of the greatest races in series history on Sunday at Chicagoland. As the series continues to grow there still exists a lunatic fringe unable to deal effectively or with any sort of maturity. These mental midgets are generally disenfranchised youthful cart/champcar enthusiasts, most of whom had not even reached their teens when the cart boycott of Indy began in 1996.


A handful of such basement dwelling keyboard jockeys have started a variety of anti-Indy Racing hate sites on the Web. Most of the time they come and go, but the M.O. is always the same. On display is crude use of the English language, bad spelling, name calling, hypocrisy, unintelligible grammar, and in each thread a common theme. The Indy Car Series is doomed. Oddly, the Indy Car Series has been doomed since 1996. In the thirteen Indy Car seasons that have followed the Indy Car Series has grown every year. That fact drives the haters crazy.


That does not stop them from putting their abject ignorance on display every time they touch their keyboards.


I stopped by one of the more pointless sites this morning to discover the ways the Indy Car Series was doomed to fail. Sure enough, each thread had a common theme. It was always about the Indy Car Series, and regardless of topic the result was inevitably that the Indy Car Series is going to fail.


-The KV racing team might lose funding from their Australian backer. Therefore, the Indy Car Series will fail.


-Formula 1 is skipping Indianapolis in 2009. Therefore, the Indy Car Series will fail.


-Robin Miller wrote a snippy column on the Speed website. Therefore, the Indy Car Series will fail.


-The Chicago Sun-Times covered the Indy Car race at Chicagoland. Therefore, the Indy Car Series will fail.


-Tens of thousands of fans attended the Chicagoland event, but there were empty seats. Therefore, the Indy Car Series will fail.


-Someone provided a guess about Indy Racing’s overnight 12+ rating on ABC. Therefore, the Indy Car Series will fail.


-There is a rumor DirecTV is not happy about the new Indy Racing linkage with Comcast-owned Versus. Therefore, the Indy Car Series will fail.


-Danica sponsor Go Daddy announced they will also get involved in NASCAR. Therefore, the Indy Car Series will fail.


-The Versus network will carry most of the Indy Car races in 2009. Therefore, the Indy Car Series will fail.


-Brian Barnhart and Helio Castroneves have had disagreements lately. Therefore, the Indy Car Series will fail.


-The IRL wrapped up its 13th season. Therefore, the Indy Car Series will fail.


One of my favorite instances of hypocrisy is a thread sending get well greetings to Keith Jones, burned badly in an ALMS race pit accident. One of the well wishers uses an avatar that shows a flame-filled Indy Car accident. Therefore, the Indy Car Series will fail.


Every time I happen upon such a site my certainty that many of the most stupid people on the entire planet are concentrated among the seven or eight deranged infants who squat at such sites daily. Granted, it is entertaining. Good for the sport? Not really. Fortunately most people are not aware this fringe exists, even when desperate acts are attempted. The first year Indy Racing went to St. Petersburg a few of the kids rented an airplane that towed a banner asking that cart be returned to the track. Does anyone besides me think a better use of the money they through away might have been to benefit a charity? Perhaps for burn victims? Hole-In-The-Wall Camp? Some other racing charity? Amputee victims? Anything?


Yesterday I wrote of the mental illness of identity thieves. Today I have revealed the last remaining concentration of those pathologically afflicted with stunning ignorance. The best medicine? Laughter.


The only time I will ever worry about the future viability of Indy Car racing is when such defective sub-humans STOP discussing it. There is no sign that is ever going to happen so we will have to remain content with seeing them proven incorrect repeatedly while we laugh at them.


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  1. Dude, all I can tell you is that most of those forums and stuff are just not worth your time. I’ve always identified myself as simply a guy who “likes racing, all types”. During the split years, I definitely landed more on the ChampCar side of the fence, though at the same time I probably missed less than 10 IRL races on TV from ’96 to ’07. Early on in that time period, I found that there were too many zealot ChampCar fans who took things way too personally for me to waste any time listening to diatribes about how we’d be better off if Tony George never existed (real constructive talk there, right?) or whatever crackpot ideas they had about how to get rid of the IRL (anyone should have seen that IRL would never be the one to fold first by about 2003). In total, since its launch in 2002, I’ve probably spent less than 2 hours on crapwagon.com, and I’d say that my sanity as a racing fan is better off for it. There’s some people that you just have to ignore…

    Comment by ASpeed — September 11, 2008 @ 1:43 pm | Reply

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