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September 11, 2008

Let’s Get Ready for 2009

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Have you called or written or e-mailed/texted your television service provider if Versus is unavailable on your basic tier? If not, please do, early and often. The promise of professionally produced and managed content is now a certainty for Indy Racing. In order for Indy Racing to achieve the type of critical mass commensurate with its potential, the channel must be available to any and all channel flippers without the necessity of punching in three numbers. It needs to get the same type of placement as ESPN.


If/when that happens, the real value of the deal will begin to become apparent. With Versus closing in on 80 million households momentum is on the positive side. This partnership is billed as a group deal, including ABC. Will ABC share the vault? There are forty years of some of the most memorable moments in racing inside. The past ten years or so of absolute mediocrity on the television side can be forgiven if the rich history of what came before is shared with a cable partner willing to showcase history in the Centennial Era. Hopefully IMS also recognizes the importance of showcasing history without their usual ‘Sure you can use this….if you hand over $250,000’ tactic.


Opportunities for growth, exposure and maximum activation of the brand have never been greater. While fans try to deal with the off season our hope is that the shakers of Indy Racing, Versus, ABC and IMS Productions put together something meaningful that will blow everyone away right out of the gate in 2009.


The entire process begins with fans who contact their cable or satellite provider to ensure reasonable favorable placement of the channel. One of these days I will provide sample text if you would like.


Good luck!


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