Defender of IndyCar

Vitor in 2009

The one driver most everyone wants to see in victory lane more than any other is Vitor Meira. The journeyman driver has had as much success as you can have without a win at Rahal Letterman, Team Menard and Panther. He has finished second a lot. Second regularly in Indy Car is actually relatively spectacular, but the mentality of most is that second place is first loser.


Now that Panther has signed Dan Wheldon to the #4 car, Vitor is mostly adrift. Despite Panther wishes that it could run a second car and that they love Vitor, these things sometimes do not pan out as intended.  I promised my first two wives we would be together forever. Then reality set in.



Panther running two cars would be great but that team has always been strongest with one car. The best possible situation for Vitor would be a full time, full season ride with Luczo Dragon Racing. One of the safest bets in racing would be an assurance of victory with a team that would find chemistry quickly. Right now that linkage is just rumor. It needs to become more than that.


Tomas Scheckter is an exciting driver, but he has not fit in with many teams. He also needs to be in the series but his cat-like succession of lives seems ready to run out. He could add just the right amount of dysfunction to AGR, and that would be interesting. In the event Vision cut back, AGR would also make a perfect home for Anthony IV.


If you want some quality entertainment, go to the Panther Racing web site and search their video archives. One of Vitor’s restarts in the Indianapolis 500 this year was a thing of beauty, and the archive also features a group pass a few years back by Tomas Scheckter. Great stuff.


Meantime, let’s root for Vitor in the off season. He gives everything to the sport and deserves a first class ride. Given the right circumstance, victory is potentially closer to Vitor than anyone.

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