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September 17, 2008

The Defender Daily Reminder

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Off season checklist reminders: 


-Contact your local television service provider to ensure Versus is not just provided, but in the same tier/dial proximity as ESPN. Do this often. My goal is to help Versus reach 90 million households by the time the Indy Racing season starts next year.


-Establish dialog with team owners in the Indy Car Series. Tell them how they should mold the future of the sport, including the type of drivers they should hire.


-Now is a fantastic time to let your views be known on how the series should evolve. When you write folks like Tony George and Terry Angstadt they usually write back. Generally, though, you have to make points without being a jerk.


-Go back once a week and watch the best Indy Car races of the year again. Every other week mix in a classic Indy Racing or Indy 500 for variety. It helps tide you over. I just watched some vintage Texas races. Simply great.


-Write to folks you would like to see more involved again in some capacity; e.g., Eddie Cheever. Some people may think of the guy as an a-hole, but the sport is better with him in it than out of it.


-Start making plans to be a part of the Centennial Era at IMS. That type of history only happens once a century, and for most of us this is the only chance to celebrate something of that significance.  By the time I saw my first Indianapolis 500, they had already been running it for about 50 years.


-If you are in the Indianapolis area, find out when Donald Davidson’s Indy history classes are offered and enroll. That is among the best ways in history to spend money.


-Keep providing continuing education to the handful of half-witted youthful, disenfranchised, bitter champcar children who are still unable to grasp the failure of their preferred series. It takes patience. Be diligent. Sooner or later maturity may catch up to them, but it’s up to us in the meantime to show them the path to racing salvation. 😉


-Post this list on refrigerator door and practice these steps every day.



  1. This post is funny. You act like you are the leader of some little club. It reminds me of the nerdy kid in the neighborhood that starts some special club but no one joins it.

    Editors note: There are some who seem interested enough to comment. LOL.

    Comment by TroyM — September 17, 2008 @ 1:30 pm | Reply

  2. I can’t quite tell if that’s a “winky eye” at the end of the last bullet point, but I hope so. People who continue to scream about the demise of ChampCar and refuse to see that the current version of IndyCar is not so far from the version of CART that they picture as ideal (just headed by somebody who they might not like) is beyond “saving”. We’re 7 months into the merger. Anybody who can’t deal with the reality of the situation by now probably never will.

    Comment by ASpeed — September 17, 2008 @ 5:02 pm | Reply

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