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September 18, 2008

School Is In Session

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Today’s lesson involves effective communication with powers that be of various organizations that will make a difference. Before we cover that material we should review some of the items that are ineffective:


-Raising holy hell on the Internet. Most people who run professional organizations tend to view Internet lunatics as just that. Lunatics. No different than whacko street preachers who show up uninvited at sporting events urging repentance and generally impede the progress of entry, consumption of alcohol, leering at scantily clad women and other temporarily aberrant behavior. You want to be taken seriously? Back up the free expression of thought on the Internet with action.


-If the actions you take involve the use of profane language, incorrect spelling, grammar that would make the average nun cringe or any comparison of business operations to bodily excretory functions, chances are such missives will find their way to the trash can unconsidered except as potentially an object of ridicule.


What sorts of items fall under the ‘contact-the-powers-that-be’ category?


-The Indy Car Series needs more ovals.


-The Indy Car Series need more Americans.


-Take the wings off. Reduce the down force. Put the driver back into control. Make the tires narrower. That kind of stuff.


-Let anyone build a chassis/engine/components, etc.


-ABC and ESPN suck. It is hard to believe you guys bent over for them again.




-Why isn’t Michigan or Pikes Peak or Nashville, etc., still on the schedule.


You get the idea. People generally have great ideas. One of the best ways to get your point across is to take the time to write an actual letter and mail it to people. These days a letter has more impact than e-mail, which floods in boxes every day. Go old school. Most of the people running the show actually respond provided you do it correctly. Even if they do not agree with you they will tell you why. Usually it will include things you may not have considered.


Give it a try and let me know what happens. It works for me.

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