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September 19, 2008

Bad Cliche: Thinking Outside the Box

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This week without much fanfare a few engine manufacturers had another in a series of meetings with IMS/Indy Car brass to discuss future specs and evolution with regard to power plants. Probably turbocharged ones.


That is all well and good, and it would be nice to see multiple manufacturers again. Even Honda wants that.


Why stop at internal combustion engines? Why not get really creative with both power and fuel? The Indy Car Series broke brave new ground with its switch from methanol to ethanol, but ethanol has proven not to be a panacea. As a matter of fact, the entire ethanol debate has turned very political.


If private industry can create the Tesla, an electric sports car, why can’t someone give us a 220 mph electric Indy Car?



If we’re stuck with internal combustion until we all get old and gray, why not power it with more efficiently produced fuel? I can think of few more efficiently produced biofuels than those derived of hemp. Would it not be better to smell burning hemp at race tracks instead of the burnt popcorn smell the ethanol delivers?



The USA, in its infinite wisdom, will not allow the farming of hemp. Not the kind of hemp that contains THC and gets you high. Agricultural hemp. A wonder crop. Even Purdue University understands the value of hemp.


Can you imagine the publicity if hemp was used as fuel? The Ethanol campaign would pale by comparison. Hell, have competing fuels. What could be better?


It is definitely food for thought as the sport evolves. Even GM is trying with their Volt. Although I would be surprised to ever see that car go into actual production, at least the PR is there.


Advice for Indy Car:  Do not limit your thinking to just internal combustion and ethanol. There are too many emerging, cutting edge possibilities.

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