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September 23, 2008

Recommended Fun in Your Off Time

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Television watching highlights: On Friday morning the CBS Early Show features a recorded segment from Monday at IMS in which Dan Wheldon (newly clad in the Panther National Guard colors) chauffeured reporter Russ Mitchell around the track in the two-seater (with the cameras rolling). That’s a great way to keep the brand top of mind in the almost off-season.



Also…a shameless plug or two completely unsolicited or compensated: If you have a few hundred extra bucks laying around or you know someone in a high place, you should always jump at the opportunity to take a ride in the two-seater. The 1.5 mile tracks and Indy are great, although I need to try Richmond and a road course before I kick. Although you don’t get to drive, you do get driven by a real race driver at around 75% of full speed. It’s well beyond cool.


I have also driven the old Sinden Racing G-Force Indy cars, although they do not let you go fast enough, especially at Indy. A better driving experience exists with the Mario Andretti Driving School (formerly Driving 101) on smaller tracks. More speed and bang for the buck. I understand the danger aspect, but the releases they make you sign pretty much allow them to kill you if they feel like it with complete immunity.




Is anyone besides me yawning as the NASCAR season lumbers to its conclusion


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