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October 13, 2008

Happy Columbus Day

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Here are some astute Defender observations:


Jeff Burton won that Charlotte deal Saturday night…there were a lot of people there, but also a startling number of empty seats. The bloom is off that rose. Even with the ‘chase’ they can’t sell out a great track right there in the buckle of the NASCAR belt?


The best action of the weekend took place in ARCA. When you’re talking ‘stock’ cars, those guys are passionate racers. As an open wheel enthusiast I wanted to see Scott Speed win the title. He, after all, is serving the apprenticeship to get it right down the road. Unfortunately, some redneck idiot from Mississippi who has driven for Tony Stewart chrome horned Speed a few times damaging Speed’s car to the point where there was no hope for a championship. Speed’s crew attempted to repair the car and he was making token laps. In ‘stock’ car racing, revenge is often the best medicine, and Speed eventually found Stenhouse and sent him packing, right into the wall.


Some call that passion. I call it stupidity. Still, if I wore Speed’s shoes, I would not only have done what he did, I would have looked the redneck up after the race and whooped his arse.


Meanwhile, back in Indy Racing, league officials have told Marty Roth he is welcome to own a team in the league, but not to drive except at a few big ovals. 


This is largely because Marty’s frequent off track adventures on the non-ovals shortened practice time for everyone else. As the Indy Car Series continues its metamorphosis into cart, they want better drivers. If I was Marty and I had something more than money (like interest in the sport as a whole and not some middle aged race car driver fantasy), I would jump at the opportunity to own a team. I actually think he would be a great owner. Other drivers who were not much as drivers have successfully managed it; e.g., Chip Ganassi. Unfortunately the only thing that seems realistic to expect is angry petulance. That is a genuine shame.

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