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October 22, 2008

Marty Roth: An Appreciation

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That’s right…an appreciation. Various rumor mills and Canadian columnists have framed Marty as a victim of sheer arrogance foisted by the Indy Car Series. The story goes he was told he will not be granted an unrestricted license and will only be allowed on a few select big ovals. Marty is said to be very angry and is selling his racing team.


The actual truth probably lies somewhere in between. Marty is not really talking and neither the ICS nor IMS ever talks about anything publicly unless they hold a press conference and have good news.


If I ran the show my approach would be a little different. I would kill Marty with kindness and let him know in no uncertain terms how valuable I felt he is to the series. I would wine and dine him and treat him like gold. In that context it would be a lot easier to convince him he could be the next Roger Penske instead of the next Rick Mears. That is the reality. Marty has money and business sense. His driving ‘talent’ leaves a lot to be desired. He is a 50-year-old guy trying to a live a fantasy geared for someone half his age.


Neither Chip Ganassi nor Roger Penske were known as world class drivers, but both are cream of the crop as owners. Let’s face it, legacy owners are not going to be around forever. Half of Newman-Haas is gone and Carl is not getting younger. Penske is in his 70’s. The Indy Car Series should be recruiting smart, talented owners with as much intensity as they have for up and coming drivers.


I like the idea of phasing out any type of ride buy by mostly untalented rich guys, but not by burning the bridge. It is my continuing opinion that Indy Racing needs Marty Roth as potentially the next great owner instead of a screwed, angry critic. There are already enough of those.


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