Defender of IndyCar

Music To My Ears

The Indy Cars are in action this weekend. Man, do those words sound good. So do the cars. The only downside is the fact that it occurs on a temporary street circuit. That makes what you will see if you stay up on Saturday night a really fast parade. Or maybe not.


Surfers Paradise offers other diversions for Aussies and others who attend, including consumption of a great deal of alcohol, varying degrees of nudity on balconies, and other such youthful hi-jinks geared toward youth.


The racing may actually be better than usual because there is no reason to be conservative. It will be racing for the sake of racing. Dario is back as well, Wheldon goes for Panther and Vitor Miera runs with the Foyt team.


Watching practice online yesterday was a giant pain in the arse and I have about the most bandwidth and speed you can get with Verizon FIOS. Good thing the broadcast ‘partner’ is featuring this exciting event prominently across their platform. Oh wait. ‘Partner?’ LOL. It’s on ESPN Classic. Ooh baby. NASCAR had best watch its back.


About the funniest part of the online pixelation interruption fest yesterday was a comment that ‘pulled pork’ has a far different meaning in Australia than it does in North Carolina.


All in all it is difficult to complain. We all get to see the Indy Cars one more time before the long winter sets in. The 2009 season should be great!

One reply to “Music To My Ears

  1. Someone sent me a link to a hate site, where they claim to hate all things IRL, but that’s apparently what drives it. Thread after thread of hate. Apparently these participants appear to be a) mentally retarded, b) under 22 years old, c) drunk, d) grammatically challenged, e) obsessed.

    I noticed many of these participants are openly gay (not that that’s wrong), but it makes me wonder if I’m missing the subliminal theme here. I think it’s supposed to be racing, but there’s more male admiration that I care for. I’m not a member of that bunch, but their homosexual tendencies are pretty apparent. The moderator powers are spread out among several people, many of which are confirmed closet dwellers. Their cultures are pretty different, one a hideously ugly Hispanic ambulance driver, another a grossly disfigured Australian alcoholic who can’t speak properly, nor think rationally, and another who is a self-important Samoan member of the gay San Francisco community. I think their motivation is not to recruit homosexual men, but to infiltrate and destroy lives of those who choose not to agree with them. The bottom line is they’re fans but would never admit it. Hell, I’m no fan of other sports but I would never go to their forums and spend hours every day trying to tear them down.

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