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Is Robin Miller full of crap? Usually, yes. He has been around forever, has driven small race cars and gophered for teams, has been bitch slapped by Anthony Joseph Jr., and has been regarded as a top motorsports writer in the past. In the recent past he has been fired from just about every job he has tried to hold. Reasons usually involve his unfortunate propensity toward being a pompous, unprofessional jerk.


This Robin Miller Is More Attractive in Every Way

He has never done anything personally to me, but as a past employee of champcar he was personally responsible for much of the scorched earth that comprised cart/champcar philosophy after 1996, and that is personally offensive. His profanity laced tirade in the free weekly community paper Nuvo a few years ago in May is evidence. Although he is tolerated around IMS he is about as welcome as lice in a daycare center.


So is there really any reason to get jazzed up about his assurance that Audi is a shoe-in to join Indy Racing and Porsche cannot be far behind? Neither company has offered much commentary, much less confirmation.


Caution should be exercised before any exuberance sets in. If there is substance behind hot air European manufacturers going up against Honda is quite an intriguing possibility; much more so than another battle with Toyota or Nissan. It would probably also mean a race or two in Europe, about which most North American fans remain ambivalent.


Sometimes I miss the all oval, 2 chassis, 2 motor IRL. I acknowledge the need to evolve, but people rarely admit how good they have it.

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