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November 4, 2008

Silly Season Update

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The latest silly season rumors at a somewhat credible site (Jayski) and a joke site (Anal Retentive 1; why, by the way, would anyone actually pay money to subscribe to that?) have Sam Hornish Jr. returning to Indy Cars in 2009 with Penske.


Not sure why; all things considered Sam has had a pretty good year for a ‘rookie.’ Of all the people who waltzed in from open wheel to NASCAR expecting to trade paint with Jimmy or Jeffy or li’l Dale or any of the funny talkers right out of the box, Sam was fairly consistent. If he keeps at it for a few years he could regularly finish in the top 15 and maybe even win a few.


Evidently if nothing great happens in a year many seem willing to concede Indy Cars are not so bad after all. As an Indy Car fan who likes to see middle Americans do well, Sam fits the bill just fine. Who knows what is on his mind? Shortly before he opted for the grind of the slower ‘stock’ car series, he indicated his free time and young family were important to him. Free time has been a precious luxury in 2008 for him. Then there was the dust-up between the elder gut-enhanced Sam and Tony ‘the Nose Knows’ Kanaan. I do not believe Hornish Sr. appreciated being tossed from the pits after that quaint little tiff.




Personally I would love to see Sam back in the Indy Car Series. It needs as many talented Americans as it can get. The whole ‘oval heritage’ talking point that once seemed so important to powers that be has largely been discarded in favor of temporary street gypsy carnival abominations and other non-ovals, so it may not be as attractive any more. He remains more than welcome.


Stanton Barrett aside, I am still awaiting a NASCAR regular to grow a pair and give it a realistic shot like Cale or Donnie did back in the day. Richard Petty always attended May activities but never behind the wheel. He clearly indicated he was not that crazy.


If Sam is coming back, let us be the first to say ‘welcome home.’


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