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November 5, 2008

Hail to the Chief

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Now that we know who the next President of the USA will be, the natural question for racing fans is ‘how will this affect my enjoyment of the sport?’ Who knows? If you consider Democrats in a general sense and assume they will run not only the White House but Congress too, we may be in for some changes.


The Hulman-George family and most of their ilk/peers are dyed in the wool Republicans so if that is your political orientation you may not notice much. Plus, the Hoosier’s Man (or, as some carelessy refer to him as ‘Bitch’) Mitch got re-elected. Realistically this might be a perfect opportunity to explore alternative technology; e.g., go beyond ethanol to other forms of fuel. Again, why limit thought to internal combustion? With the dialog that will begin occurring in Washington the evolution of the sport may well be affected.


As long as they do not slap additional taxes onto the ticket prices, parking, souvenirs, concessions, etc., we should all be fine! Perhaps best is the fact we will not be subjected to idiotic political advertising for a while.


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  1. And once again, you are wrong. The Hulman George family supports Democrats.

    (Editors note: Which explains all the visits, official and unofficial, by Republican politicians. Even the elder Bush attended a recent 500. Truth be told, the HG folks support a lot of causes independent of political affiliation. Silly boy.)

    Comment by TroyM — November 5, 2008 @ 10:15 pm | Reply

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