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November 11, 2008

Chronicles of the Needlessly Hostile/Stupid

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One of the problems with sleaze ball cart apologists is the way in which they continuously snivel, never EVER missing any type of dig at either Indy or those who run it. The latest gratuitous swipe of such immaturity comes courtesy of Gordon Kirby, an ex-cart employee who never really got past the whole cart/champcar self immolation. If any of these cheesy malcontents ever allow their sense of reality to not be influenced by their own close-minded preferences the sport might evolve more gracefully.


As it is we have to endure periodic hatchet jobs whenever these people feel like dropping a steaming load in public. Thank God Kirby only practices such nonsense on an obscure website. Of course to the handful of the most militant cart fans, the rhetoric actually amounts to something.


Gordon Kirby Interviews Lee White

This brings me to the assignment of the ‘most needlessly hostile person on earth this week’ award. Lee White is ordinarily a bright man. Toyota has had much success in most types of racing it has chosen to enter. He is an accomplished man who has been around the block a time or two. When considering his history it is wise to consider his position at the time cart decided to kill themselves and boycott the Indianapolis 500—General Manager of Newman-Haas Racing from ’94 to ’97. Remember that Newman and Haas were two of the more militant, petulant whiners as their preferred series ran itself into oblivion. That alone should be a clue to any anti-Indy Racing/Tony George sentiment.


Curiously, Kirby decided to discuss the Indy Racing 2011 specs. With predictable goading from Kirby, White made it sound as if the Indy Car Series was desperate for anyone with Toyota, Ford or Chevy affiliation to attend, but all representatives took turns suggesting how pointless it evidently would be. Gratuitous pot shots abound:

“I asked (former Ford Racing boss) Dan Davis before he retired if he was going and he said, ‘Heck, no!’ And I stopped somebody from Chevrolet and asked if they were going and they said, ‘No. Why would we do that?’.”

Not surprisingly given the predisposition of the editor, Lee White’s ‘solution’ for Indy Racing (was not aware there was any problem) “…go get a 1994 Lola or Reynard and put a Cosworth engine in it and go racing. Then you would have something that sounds great, runs great, looks great and puts on a great show, and everybody who loved them will jump at the chance to come and watch because there are still a lot of people out there who remember how great those cars were. Use that as a kind of retro starting point and build it from there. But I don’t think they listened.” Uh Lee, why would anyone follow a business model that failed twice?


Here is what I would do if I were Tony George. To hell with Chevy and Ford. They are too busy going down the cart path to self immolation anyway. Toyota is too busy trying to take over NASCAR so that leaves them out. Embrace an actual partner. Is it not way past time for some type of Honda or Acura Pace Car? 


European manufacturers have expressed interest and Honda welcomes such involvement. So do most fans.


Once again I call on all cart apologists to allow that series to stay dead. It is not coming back. Try being fans and support Indy Racing. The series that has the 500 at its center is what has made it possible for most everything else. Embrace it. Get past the pointless whining. It has been 13 years since your failed boycott. Put a period on it.


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  1. I am confused. Were you going for maximum ironic potential when you matched the headline of this post with the tone of the post itself? For someone whose “side” “won” the open wheel war (quotes there because I’m not sure what actual personal stake you might have had in the split, and I honestly think Open Wheel Racing as a whole lost out, and both sides of the split were partly to blame), you seem very, very bitter. Cheer up, dude. Gordon Kirby’s columns aren’t chasing away any fans. Anybody who allows a few throwaway comments like that at the end of a long article about NASCAR to influence them away from watching IndyCar races probably wouldn’t watch if you paid them. It’s unfortunate that he and/or White didn’t explain some of those quotes better (maybe the Chevy and Ford guys said “no way” because those companies don’t have two extra dimes to rub together, let alone the cash to divert to another racing series?), and that thing about the ’94 CART cars was pure fantasy. That was basically just saying that that’s when IndyCar fandom was at its zenith, so maybe give a nod to those cars in the new-for 2011 cars. Which, from the sounds of it, is possibly not too far off from what might happen (turbos, big downforce).

    On the other hand, one thing that I think does drive away new, potential fans is personally insulting messages from people who they might see as “flag bearers” for the new IndyCar regime. Think about it. One of the first demographics that you’d be looking to bring into the sport are people who quit watching Open Wheel Racing from ’96 to ’02 or ’03 or whenever. Possibly referring to people who think fondly of the pre-’96 years as “idiots” and “whiners” is not the best tactic there? What’s the saying? “You attract more flies with honey than with vinegar”?

    Comment by The Speedgeek — November 11, 2008 @ 9:30 pm | Reply

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