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November 14, 2008

Disney for Adults

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The little oddly configured mile race track on the grounds of the Walt Disney World complex is the home of some of the best and worst moments in Indy Racing history. It kicked off the IRL and I remember asking ‘Buzz who!?’ more than once. What a great place for an oval. It was also the place where Sam Schmidt was paralyzed in 2000.


The increasingly popular ‘we couldn’t agree on a date’ excuse for no longer having races on ovals stole that great little track from fans. That saddens many fans. About the only thing that has run there is the Richard Petty NASCAR drive/ride-a-long deal. Until now.


Sinden Racing Services operates the Indy Car fleet of two seaters and also owns a bunch of old G-Force Indy Cars they have de-tuned and let ordinary folks drive. They made my year in 2007 when my brother and I got to take four hot laps in one of those late model Indy Cars around the Indianapolis Motor Speedway the Monday after pole weekend. Amazing.


The Sinden folks announced this week they will set up shop at the Disney track in November. Suddenly there is a fresh new reason for adults to visit Walt Disney World!


I think I covered this topic once before, but my recommendation is that if you ever get a chance to do the Sinden thing at Indy…DO IT, although I wish they would give back the fourth lap. Also do it at WDW if you are there. If you want a somewhat faster and more realistic drive, I also highly recommend Mario Andretti’s deal (the old Driving 101), particularly on 1.5 miler (like Vegas).


Either venue is available this winter during the off-season. I have been dropping hints to the wife.

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