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It’s Just Football Now…

This is the part of the year in which all racing fans go into withdrawl. The way-too-long NASCAR season is over, along with most everything else. We have to wait until 2009 for more big time racing.  


What can tide you over? The Baja 1000 is in progress, and that is an outstanding event. If you want to get a feel for the spirit, rent or buy Dust to Glory. I enjoy it every time I watch it.


This off season will feature apprehension as the result of the lousy economy and pullbacks by everyone. The economic difficulties figure to affect NASCAR more than Indy Car due to its dependence on other peoples’ corporate money. Indy Racing has always done more with less. Time will tell.


We do know that the Indy Car Series delivers return on sponsorship far more efficiently than other series.  Joyce Julius & Associates figure Target received about $16 million of exposure. Motorola, 7-Eleven, and Mickey D’s were all well beyond $4 million each. Basically, 50% of the value is tied to the Indianapolis 500, and that reinforces the value of the rest of the schedule. That is food for thought for prospective sponsors.


Only one thing is certain for this weekend: I may actually have to dip into the Honey-Do jar this weekend because there is now no excuse (except football).



2 replies to “It’s Just Football Now…

  1. A1GP qualifying tonight (1am Eastern) and race tomorrow (12:45am eastern). See if Marco has been able to get more acquainted with the car over the past 2 weeks. Team USA comes in this week at 12th place, but a win or two can change all that.

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