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One of the Legacy Voices of Indy

Word has it Bob Jenkins will be the new anchor for Versus television coverage of the Indy Car Series. There may well be better choices in terms of edgy, and perhaps that is the direction something as new and bold as the Versus deal should have taken.


Jenkins, however, is a great link to the past and ties it together really nicely with the future. His voice is as soothing as chicken soup with smooth delivery to match. He is familiar and knowledgeable. It appears to be a great choice.


Continuity is important, and so is familiarity.  There will be plenty of time for budding superstars to rise to the top. Congratulations Bob, if the rumors are true!



Happy Thanksgiving race fans…the blog returns after the holiday.

5 replies to “One of the Legacy Voices of Indy

  1. This further proves that this is a time buy. ABC didn’t want Bob’s sorry ass and only Tony George would pick Jenkins as he is one of his biggest bootlickers.
    Editor’s Note: If the world was able to more effectively rid itself of sub-humans like the barely literate neanderthal making droppings in this blog space we would all be better off.

  2. Wow, you run around and call people “sub-human” and you go around and strive for accuracy at every turn. You are the most intelligent blogger in racing there is.

  3. Wow….I can see that THIS issue brings out the immature and sub-human forms of life. The ONLY relevant comment was made by ye Editor. The PROOF that this is a “Time-buy” is THE MOST RIDICULOUS accusation I’ve seen since the end of the split.

    Kevin S

    PS: Keep em coming back Defender 😉

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