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December 31, 2008


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This has nothing to do with racing, but it is good luck on New Years Day to consume black-eyed peas and, according to some, cabbage. I prefer them separately. With that in mind, New Years Day is about the only day I get to eat Hoppin’ John, unless I am in Bermuda or the Caribbean.


It is made with rice but I like it slow cooked with a ham bone and a little spicy sausage as well as collard greens. I’m also sautéing some onion and garlic to add, plus some special spices. One of the best products I have encountered in a long time is something called ‘Bacon Salt’ which contains neither salt nor bacon, but makes everything you sprinkle it on taste like bacon. Fabulous.


My primary point is a wish that my 400 or so daily readers have a great and happy new year, and eat well. We will hopefully see you at an Indy Race in 2009!


December 30, 2008

Back to Work!

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Here’s hoping you and yours had a very Merry Christmas. 2009 is nearly upon us and that means racing season cannot be far behind. The Indy Cars have been in action at Homestead testing both the tires and the new muffler. Both appear to be improvements, and that is something to which we can all look forward with great anticipation. Video (and audio) is up at the Indy Car website.

It looks as if the Tony haters are in for another rude awakening as the Indy Car Series prepares for yet another great season. It actually cannot arrive fast enough. Advice for 2009: You all watch every second anyway. Why not actually try to enjoy it for a change? It does not get much better or faster. Leave 1995 where it belongs. In the last century. There are enough seats for everyone.

December 23, 2008

Happy Holidays….Even to Idiots

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Here is the most important part of the holiday season: Enjoying the company of family and friends. That is what it is all about. I tend to prefer midnight Mass, in Latin, with all the traditional hymns. Others have insisted lighting candles is the way to go. Lately, something called ‘Kwaanza’ has even been shoved into the consciousness of the public. Regardless of the way you celebrate, any way you choose to do it involves being with family and friends.


That type of love is more necessary than ever given the lousy economy. It is easy to tune out the idiots who have been pimping for fifteen years for the destruction of Indy Racing. Time and action will continue to make these sub-humans look like the idiots they actually are, but even they deserve a happy holiday season. So in that spirit, have a lick on me.


Happy Holidays and Happy New Year. I can hardly wait to see the Indy Cars on the track in ’09.

December 22, 2008

Ovals: A Basic Fundamental Requirement

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Oval. O-V-A-L. The type of tracks the IRL was founded upon. It is time given the rapid, predictable demise of the rat infested Belle Isle temporary course abomination to right a wrong. Get the big Michigan OVAL in the Irish Hills back on the schedule.


Ovals offer spectacular racing. Particularly ovals that are BIG. Michigan is a great track and offers great racing. Stop considering idiotic temporary circuits. The economics never make sense and they are boring as hell to watch.




The Barber Motorsport Park folks are pining for the Labor Day IRL date, and good for them. At least they have a proper race course, even if it is not an oval. It also establishes a presence in an underserved geographic region.


I still cannot fathom, however, that Michigan has been let go. That is still well beyond stupid.


Right that wrong first.

December 19, 2008

The Skiing Is Great

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Lots of snow in the Colorado Rockies….time for breakfast before the lifts open for one last day this trip….meantime:

The economic mess claimed the God-awful Belle Isle event for 2009. At least that is what Roger Penske says, and he is a pretty smart guy. On one hand this is a sad development because the Indy Car Series loses an event. On the other, it presents a golden opportunity for the Indy Car Series to return Indy Car to its rightful Michigan venue, MIS. Losing that event borders on criminal, and this is an opportunity to make it right. Unfortunately, knowing how their collective intellect functions, some place like Cleveland or Elkhart Lake is much more likely.


As a fan and if I get a vote, I vote for a return to the Irish Hills. Like that will happen.


Some of the more vociferous ignorant hilljack rednecks who prefer the ‘stock’ cars but spend an inordinate amount of time slamming Indy Car and possess no signs of actual sportsmanship continue moistening their loins with the news that Sam Hornish Jr. crashed more often than anyone else last season. This jean creaming manifests itself in all sorts of barely literate, badly spelled trash talking.


The primary Foyt Racing sponsor, ABC Supply, re-upped for two more years. More proof of the economic bang for the buck power of Indy Racing, even in uncertain times.


I’ve come to the conclusion that the US automakers should not receive any bailout whatsoever. They made their beds. They need to lie in them, even if it does additional damage to the economy. Most foreign manufacturers have figured out how to build cars people want in this country with very few of the problems that plague Detroit. Let nature take its course once and for all.

December 16, 2008

When a Cheesy Old Motel Tugs at the Heart

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Goodbye old friend. It is ugly. It is outdated. It is falling apart. It is about 30 years out of date.  

I understand the necessity of getting rid of a decrepit old motel. But like it or not that place is tightly woven into the historic fabric of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. It is a landmark. Its absence along with the one that used to be across the street leaves a scar. While I am absolutely certain IMS will build something much bigger and better, I firmly believe they need to respect history in the same way that guided the construction of the pagoda.

They can build a very nice big resort hotel and keep the ambiance. The one thing they should NOT do is go Las Vegas with their approach. While always nice, the new Vegas-style big hotels are entirely too sterile.

Most importantly, they need to save a room or two of the old place and reconstruct them in a museum setting much they did with the old garage theme in the current museum.

I will go one further…architect the replacement facility to have the same sort of architectural theme, only with all modern amenities and space.

Contacting the management out to a national brand also makes business sense and provides long term sponsorship opportunities as well.


I need to drive by there this morning and pay my respects.

December 15, 2008

The Latest Stupid Prediction of Doom for Indy Racing

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Greetings from the Defender vacation….icy rain in Indiana today. Yuck. We’re leaving for Colorado in the morning. The latest sling of dung against a wall involves a rumor that was probably concocted out of thin air about some ‘bad news announcement’ expected this week from Indy. The little old ladies obsessed with Indy Racing have, of course, leaped to the conclusion that it MUST mean Honda is leaving, even though they have stated as recently as last week they are staying.

2009 cannot arrive fast enough.  I miss seeing the Indy Cars on the track, and it won’t be that long.

Happy Holidays!

December 12, 2008

Latest Sign of Doom From the IRL Obsessed

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Here is how the minds of simpletons operate with regard to Indy Racing. Several manufacturers participated recently in meetings geared toward a new engine spec after the next season. Predictably, none of the formerly ‘big 3’ had much to offer for reasons that are obvious. Several European brands participated and continue to express interest.


Porsche is among the interested parties, along with Volkswagen, Audi, BMW, Alfa Romeo and Mazda. Autoweek has an article headlined ‘Porsche unlikely to race in IndyCar Series.’ Predictably, Indy Racing critics trumpet what is essentially a non-announcement clouded by a subjective headline as the next ‘failure’ for Indy Racing. How could this be a failure if it never happened in the first place?


That is the way it works with simpletons. Scoff at any notion of a brand like Porsche joining the series as soon as any possibility arises; only considering the possibility when someone declares participation doubtful. Then squeal like a little girl as if the end is near when someone makes a comment about overall chances. 2008 is not even over yet, and none of the five manufacturers have made any definitive decisions about participation.


Reactions like that are what make me positive the Indy Car Series has such a bright future.


The meanderings of the blithering idiot narcissist who writes this quaint little blog for your entertainment may be sporadic next week; it is time to spend a few days in the Indiana hamlet where yours truly grew up with family and friends, then off to Aspen for the first ski trip of the year, hoping of course no bones get displaced involuntarily.

December 11, 2008

Bend Over and Squeal Like a Pig

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The primary topic among the motorsports writers and various forum roaches is the economy and how it relates to the sport. Mostly, the news is dire and the sky is always falling. Some of the more vociferous NASCAR-centric rednecks write some of the most stupid things, including calling prominent democrats vulgar names and insulting any form of racing without fenders or banking in turns. This cacophony of barely literate panic is being crapped out by people who should be mature enough to know better, including an ex-Marine (by the way, my favorite anagram for semper fi is ‘pees firm’) from Dixie, a fat slob failure from the Midwest, a Canadian snowbird bean counter who believes he has all of the answers for America, an elderly, bent over egomaniac from the west coast whose self-hype exceeds actual accomplishment by a pretty wide margin and other assorted trailer or basement dwelling trash just barely able to walk upright, and all with the collective intellect of a very small special education class. That is one reason why periodic exile from some of more idiotic sites is so refreshing. Their worst fault is not being able to handle honesty with honesty. Most lack any discernable sense of humor as well.


But I digress. As an Indy Car fan, I am gratified the series remains so well positioned against this particular malaise.


Honda and Audi have slashed their Formula 1 and ALMS budgets, but Honda has re-upped with Indy Car. How long before Ford, GM and/or Dodge badging and support begin disappearing from NASCAR? The ‘stock’ car folks have eliminated testing, but Indy Car has always had careful restriction. NASCAR teams are laying off hundreds of people but some Indy Car teams are hiring new staff, including Foyt Racing. The Indy Car Series decision to use the current models through 2010 now looks very smart.


When will a normal silly season begin? When will fringe NASCAR and cart fans who ruin Internet forums for everyone with their bad behavior discover maturity?


My tongue remains firmly in my cheek as I chuckle heartily and frequently.

December 10, 2008

When Does The Vilification of Brian France Begin?

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Advertising Age Magazine has a report this week that delves into NASCAR financial woes. The woes are referred to as ‘hitting a wall’ while describing erosion of the fan base, declining race attendance, TV ratings on the way down, the implosion of the domestic auto industry and economically stressed marketers who are dropping sponsorships in large numbers. Over 1,000 people have been laid off from teams.


Can you imagine the heckling from stupid people if these sorts of problems were affecting Indy Car? The bigger they are the harder they fall. Indy Racing remains very well positioned in the current economic crisis, and the problems affecting NASCAR do not seem to be making a significant difference in Indy Car.


While the malaise certainly stinks for NASCAR it will be interesting to see how and if they recover from it. Many of their venues are feeling the pain; e.g., Kansas, who dropped their casino and second Cup race plans and Texas, who is tearing out backstretch grandstands in favor of expensive RV real estate.


This particular silly season is more notable for what is considered silly than the usual driver and team movement gossip. People who lose their jobs around the holidays have my best wishes; most of them work very hard but get caught up the mess anyway. That is not really fair but it seems to be happening on a widespread basis.

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