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December 3, 2008

Danica Who?

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Who is the athlete more searched in cyberspace than Dale Jr., Tiger Woods, Tom Brady or Eli Manning? Danica Patrick. That statistic is according to AOL (a company for which many have outright contempt, but not because of Danica).


The win in Japan and sixth place in the points helped and maybe she can win domestically in ’09. This revelation is bound to drive some people nuts, particularly those predisposed toward hatred or continuous criticism of all things Indy. Jealousy works that way.

Publicity rarely hurts, and in the ADD-riddled lowest common denominator world of today, those of us who want the IRL to be bigger than ever welcome such news. It is very difficult to cut through clutter, and this news is great.


As for Danica, she needs to reign in the bitchiness before it starts to hurt her. Most men appreciate the aesthetics of pretty gals with talent, but will tune them out once the shrill yelling becomes a pattern. Danica made news this year more for tantrums and bitching than for inspiring on track performances. In her defense the demands for her time and attention are staggering and I am very surprised she hasn’t told a ton of people to just leave her the #*@! alone. I am way more interested in watching her on the track because she can be a tenacious competitor, and that matters to me way more than spread eagle shots in bikinis. I like my female bodies with a few more curves toward the bottom and more girth toward the top. Besides, she is married and lusting after her is a sin. 😉


Congratulations Danica. Indy Racing and its fans appreciate the publicity.


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  1. Yeah; until she can consistently win three races per season, the primadonna ought to ‘reign it in’ a bit. I agree that Milka is a wanker who doesn’t belong on the tracks, hazarding others.
    Secondly, look at Danica stopping and stalling in Australia and M A N Y pit lane mishaps which top-tier drivers -championsand Indy 500 winners-don’t have. Until the little lady stops embarrassing herself in pit lane and on track, she might discuss other drivers’ foibles in private.

    Comment by Brian — December 4, 2008 @ 4:21 am | Reply

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