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December 4, 2008


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Some of the most annoying problems that serve to bring down the sport we love are wrought by those who masquerade as journalists in order to spread mostly flawed ideology, usually in the form of ‘the IRL is dead or dying by xxx.’ One of the worst offenders is the charlatan who runs autoracing1.com site and has the audacity to actually charge people to read it. A good example of the tripe he disseminates is a jewel of a rumor from an annual motorsports forum in New York headlined: ‘IRL could fold by 2013.’ In even more clown-like fashion he evidently takes a childish shot at the ‘I Am Indy’ marketing slogan of Indy Racing, as seen on a hat worn by Tony George.

Let’s guess the quote lifted for the purpose of more of the same chicken little nonsense.  ‘Is IRL profitable as a stand-alone business?’ Tony George: ‘Not yet.’  Question 2: ‘In 2013?’ Tony George: ‘It has to be or there won’t be a 2013.’

If I was a malcontented thief who fancied himself a journalist I might have instead portrayed Anton as positioning his series to take over for F-1, citing his global expansion aspirations and F-1’s increasing problems (not to mention Bernie’s increasing age/senility and pending expensive divorce). That possibility sailed right over his head.

Instead what has been unleashed is more clueless hysteria by imbeciles who are pretty far away from both sportsmanship and actually understanding the sport. Let us serve up a heaping helping of reality. Just about every single one of these children fail to consider the fact that the success of the Indy Car Series is tied directly to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and the marquee Indianapolis 500. When people or groups decide they are more important than that particular marquee, they die. Without Indianapolis both cart and champcar died. They were not profitable as stand-alone businesses either. As long the Indy Car Series is associated with the Indianapolis 500, it will not be going away any time soon.

Perhaps one day science will uncover some missing chromosome that causes otherwise normal people act in an autoracing.com sort of way. It is difficult attempting to comprehend how such people can be so pointlessly stupid and hostile by choice for such a long period of time. This malfunction seems to affect the leadership of the sport as well. Why else would they continue thinking a predominately non-oval based series with extremely talented but mostly foreign drivers few Americans actually care about can appeal to a broad audience in the United States when it never has ever before?

These are truly perplexing mysteries of life.



  1. Things don’t happen overnight, but we are headed in the right direction. The fact that we have new engine manufacturers already lined up is an obvious indication that we are moving forward. I’ve said it time and time again: Tony George is not going to let the ICS fold. The Indy 500 attracts fans from all over the country, and is broadcast all over the world. I am willing to say that most of the people who travel to Indy, and who watch or listen to the race from different parts of the world, could care less about CCWS vs. IRL etc. The Indy 500 will always be the Indy 500. That won’t change. If the ICS did fold, the worst thing that could happen is the race would be made open to anyone who can build or field a car. And I can guarantee you that we have a lot of old timers who would welcome that notion. The Indy 500 will always be here, and as a result, so will IndyCars.

    Comment by John in Speedway — December 4, 2008 @ 4:08 am | Reply

  2. Don’t forget this Balona guy from AR1 is a proven plagiarist. The IRL sky has been falling for 13 years now. Where have you been, Defender?

    Comment by Robin Miller — December 4, 2008 @ 10:54 am | Reply

  3. What makes you an authority on anything? Once you have blasted the boilerplate at OSWEGO and felt the rush of a super at speed can you NOW say ANYTHING

    Joe Gosek, my friend, got a raw deal at Indianapolis. Ok, Invite us back now Big Mouth.
    Editors note: I’ve been there and have enjoyed it. I’d love to see people like Joe and others at Indianapolis and in Indy Racing again. Other than driving well in their particular disciplines, they have not done much to get themselves noticed enough for consideration. The days when you could get it done on talent alone were never really here, but are long gone anyway. Theoretically Indy Racing is open to all qualified comers, but the tactics on arriving must consist of more than just ‘…we deserve to be there so hire us.’

    Comment by Greg Furlong — December 5, 2008 @ 7:37 am | Reply

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