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December 5, 2008

Brother Can You Spare a Dime (or 45 Billion Dollars)

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The Big Three went back to Washington, this time in their overpriced, half-assed hybrid offerings, with their hands out. It is difficult to understand how these people have allowed once great companies to teeter on the brink of carting themselves right out of business, perhaps by the end of the month.


Not surprisingly there is little sympathy from anyone. Indy Racing critics level much of their venom at the tight relationship the series has with the greenest, most fuel efficient car company on earth, Honda. Especially after the cart folks mangled their relationship with Honda so very badly. But is there any better way to be positioned with the ongoing economic malaise in this country? Not only that, Honda’s desire to have competition is going to be fulfilled by at least one European manufacturer. I like the way Indy Racing is positioned to weather the economic tough times.


I wonder how the domestic factory teams in NASCAR feel right now?  I am thinking NASCAR might be fun to watch again if they got back to their grease-under-fingernails (or even illegal activities) roots and actually race ‘stock’ cars.


As for the US manufacturers, it may be too late, and bailing them out would be throwing my money way, IMHO. Let bankruptcy take its natural course and let’s see what comes out the other end.


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