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January 15, 2009

Talent Upgrade

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Versus announced their on-air lineup for Indy Car Series races in 2009. Frankly, it is pretty good.

Bob Jenkins serves as the anchor (solid choice), and here is hoping Jon Beekhuis and Robbie Buhl can help Bob re-elevate his game to the level that made him great. Buhl is potentially great and will make many of us thankful that Scott Goodyear will now only be heard talking about marbles and being a passenger along for the ride up in that gray area five times next season. The first time Beekhuis makes any type of comparison of any kind to the old cart I am going to personally seek him out, grab what is left of the Brillo-like remnants of his hair and stuff a sock down his throat. Actually, I am not serious and Beekhuis will add a lot. He does need to realize it is a brand new day, however.

Robby Floyd, Jack Arute and Lindy Thackston are going to be the trackside reporters. Arute probably does not like the assignment, but there is no one any better except Gary Gerould, and he evidently will never return. The combo of young talent Robby Floyd and Lindy Thackston has tremendous potential. Lindy is no stranger to Indy, has actual broadcasting talent, and will make the Pedigo ornament pale by comparison.

I am very pleased with this dramatic upgrade of on-air talent and offer congratulations to the team that put this together.

The 2009 season cannot arrive quickly enough!  And now, the token picture of the most attractive member of the new team:



  1. The only change I would make is Paul Page or even Mike King instead of Jon (yon) Beekhuis. But Gary Gerould is great as well

    Comment by Kohl — January 15, 2009 @ 2:50 am | Reply

  2. Talent UPGRADE???? More like talent RE-TREADS & one piece of new eye-candy.


    VS. deal was a chance for FRESH & NEW.

    Comment by DEAN — January 15, 2009 @ 5:47 am | Reply

  3. What is so wrong with a reference to Champ Car? Shouldn’t people continue to know why indy car racing isn’t more popular than nascar right now?

    Comment by rick — January 23, 2009 @ 7:04 am | Reply

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