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February 11, 2009

Someone Hand That Poor Thing A Sweater

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Danica Patrick’s oft officious daddy has moved her from one PR firm to another, citing not enough exposure after her one win in the middle of the night (over here) from Twin Ring Motegi in Japan at the annual Indy Racing momentum killing Honda bend-over. Lack of exposure is certainly not the problem again this year in the annual Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue.


Danica leaves little to the imagination in the (pardon the pun) spread. While she remains very attractive (and actually becomes prettier as she has grown older) parts of her are out of proportion to other parts. There is nothing wrong with any of it, but when she has children they may need to have their meals supplemented, if you know what I mean.


Danica and Indy Racing appear content to continue milking the Danica mostly naked phenomenon for all it’s worth, and even the gayest of the gay would conclude Danica is much easier on the eyes than, say, Dale Jr. Danica might consider trading her looks for Dale Jr.’s money, however. Forbes reports he is the highest paid NASCAR driver, despite a dearth of wins and no championship. Wonder whether Jimmie Johnson ponders the initials WTF?


Thanks again to Danica for giving it her all again this year before she gets all wrinkled in a few decades.


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