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February 12, 2009

Ringy Ding Ding

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I have always considered myself only a marginal techie geek. Lately I have begun feeling downright retarded with regard to all things technical.


The other day I was thinking about Tom Carnegie, whose booming voice was a part of the fabric of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway for 61 years. Although visiting IMS is still as cool as ever, I miss hearing Tom’s voice, mistakes and all. I consider myself one of the luckiest people on earth to have heard his most legendary calls through the years, including ‘….and heee’sss on it…’ and ‘it’s a neeewwwww traaacccckkkk reeecccccooorrrddddddd.’


Through the magic of recording and recent enhancements in audio processing, that voice is as crisp and clear as ever (and readily available from many sources), even as Mr. Carnegie spends his day in hopefully peaceful retirement. That brings me back to my lack of technical acumen. My personal cell phone is a normal LG phone with service from Verizon Wireless. Also used for business is a Blackberry using AT&T. I have figured out how to make .midi files for use as ring tones, but cannot figure out how to convert such audio to those particular phones for use as ring tones. I did the logical thing by contacting several 18 year old kids to have them tell me how to do it, but I get a lot of excuses why it won’t work, including the ever popular ‘Verizon makes it next to impossible.’


My idea of hearing Tom’s voice whenever someone calls me is on hold for now until I can figure it out. If readers of my rambling are more technical in nature, I am more than willing to accept advice. I am also willing to pay to use the ringtones.

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