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February 23, 2009

My Advancing Age Is Making Me Curmudgeonly

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I made the mistake of trying to watch the sparsely attended Fontana event from the comfort of the king size in the opulent Defender master bedroom with the lovely wife. She requested my assistance in learning how to operate and load new software to a new MacBook Pro she decided to buy, primarily to unleash her creative inner self.


I was soon snoring. Fontana, like Michigan, is a beautiful track and a very special place for oval racing. The ‘stock’ cars just appear to go so slowly there. I did notice they painted the walls blue, and enjoyed the excitement Angie whats-her-name displayed from the flag stand. I like enthusiasm like that in a woman, particularly when it involves racing.


In fairness, after I begin sawing logs she changed the channel to the Academy Awards (something else the Indianapolis 500 has more history than) and woke me up to watch, but I soon fell asleep for that as well. With NASCAR the relative lack of speed of the racing puts me off; with nattily dressed actors it is basically the self congratulatory pretentiousness that I do not really care for. I have always thought, however, that Kate Winslet is oddly hot.


What’s the deal with Matt Kenseth? It appears his luck has kind of turned around. I guess that’s good. My man Smoke continues doing well with his own team. Because I was well into REM sleep territory by the time they waved the checkers I had to check ESPN’s web site for the results. They no longer have a tab for Motor Racing on their front page. Just NASCAR and the stick and ball sports. The Hulman-Georges may value the 40+ year relationship they have with ABC, but ABC Sports as we knew it is long gone. The charlatans running ESPN are pretty far away from deserving the gift they have been given (and will no doubt screw up) in the Indianapolis 500.


The other cool thing I did over the weekend was searching for old race track ruins. I read a story in the local paper about a dirt oval that eventually became a road course in the late 50’s that hosted several luminaries of the day, including Jackie Stewart, Roger Penske, Carroll Shelby and Jackie Ickx. NIMBYs and developers forced closure in 1969, and today there are lots of weeds, some broken pavement and lots more trees where there are no houses. I forgot the camera. I began wondering whether there are more closed road courses or ovals. That might make interesting research at some point.



  1. I would bet there would be more closed ovals, simply due to how many ovals where constructed in the States in the middle of the century. I don’t know of as many road courses being built, and for that matter, haven’t heard of that many road courses closing.

    Comment by Matt Chamois — February 23, 2009 @ 2:39 pm | Reply

  2. Your blog gives me a good laugh. You always point to the “sparse” crowds at Nascar events, but whenever someone points to the “sparse” crowds at IRL events, we hear you tell everyone how the track operators, series officials, etc are happy with the turnout, the event is profitable, blah blah blah. Then you tell us how you fall asleep watching Nascar, you know to tell us all how boring it is compared to the IRL where you want to tell us how you were on the edge of your seat the whole time.

    Editor’s Note: I employ techniques some refer to as ‘honesty’ and ‘frankness.’ Once again I am failing to determine anything resembling a point from you.

    Comment by TroyM — February 23, 2009 @ 3:53 pm | Reply

  3. “ABC Sports as we knew it is long gone. The charlatans running ESPN are pretty far away from deserving the gift they have been given (and will no doubt screw up) in the Indianapolis 500”
    Sadly, that’s too true!
    I’ve wondered who is pictured in the Delphi-labeled suit near the top of the page…

    Editor’s Note: That smiling fellow (whose ear to ear is hard to make out under the helmet) is yours truly after taking a Sinden 2002 G-Force out for a spin around IMS for five laps in May of 2007. THAT was fun. I even got an extra lap after the lead car almost had a Danny Sullivan ‘episode’ in the South Chute.

    Comment by Brian — February 23, 2009 @ 6:02 pm | Reply

  4. Cool, dude! Envious!

    Comment by Brian — February 25, 2009 @ 3:09 pm | Reply

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