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March 9, 2009

‘Exciting’ Weekend Wrap Up

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Congratulations to Roger Penske’s NASCAR team for taking a win in the whatever the name of that sparsely attended 500 mile race in Atlanta was. Lots of drivers seemed to be having handling problems. Ignorant NASCAR fans blame the drivers, but only when they come from the open wheel ranks. I personally find it amusing that a select few of these unevolved mullet clad knuckle draggers have become more arrogant than F-1 fans. It makes me chuckle.


My simultaneous task this week: Moving three rooms of furniture around multiple times. Women such as my lovely bride rarely have discernable ability to make up their minds.


This weekend also featured the first of weekly Indy Racing programming on Versus. It turned out pretty good. Remember, if you do not yet have Versus readily available on your system, be sure to contact them and strongly suggest they get it. Threaten to switch to something else if they do not. It would really be great to get to 90 million households before May.


We’re down to just a few weeks before the Indy Car Series opener. It’s about time! My first in person taste of the Indy Cars arrives in about a week; I will be at Barber down in Alabama for the open test.


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  1. I’m still trying to figure out what language “I-motell-Uwhut” is.

    Comment by Gramer skool — March 9, 2009 @ 5:30 pm | Reply

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