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March 11, 2009

Calm Before the Storm

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Days like today are pretty much all alike. You wait and wait for Indy Cars to take to the track. Meantime, silly season continues. I never fail to get a big kick out of those who consistently claim to dislike Indy Racing/Tony George/anything even remotely associated with Indy, etc., yet they discuss it obsessively nearly every waking second. Would it not be easier for such people to just admit they are fans and display a little class?


One of their poster children is Paul Tracy. Believe it or not I have always liked the guy. He has personality and occasionally showed brilliance behind the wheel. His primary problem over time has been his propensity toward being a horse’s arse. Almost every week there emerges a scenario that sees him getting back into a car. This week it is a rumor that Dale Coyne offered him Bruno Junqueira’s seat, but that Tracy declined due to his friendship with Bruno. I like Bruno in much the same way I like Paul (despite Bruno causing an accident with Anthony a few years back in the 500 that saw Bruno break his back) so either one is fine. Paul’s biggest problem is age. Once you hit 35 these days it is pretty much over, and Paul is well north of that number.


I am less worried now about Ryan Hunter-Reay finding a ride. He is prominently featured in upcoming IZOD advertising featuring the Indy racing brand. Robin Miller noticed how potentially embarrassing it would be to the series to have a poster child without a ride, so we will probably see Ryan’s employment status change.


Scott Dixon and IMS unveiled the ticket art scheme for this year’s event and it follows the retro feel everything else has. Now all they need to do is send my E-Stand Penthouse ducats ASAP.



  1. woah woah woah….Bruno caused the wreck with Foyt IV at the 500? I know you’re the “Defender of the IRL”, but are you seriously going to defend the way Foyt drove back then or the fact that granddad put him in a car in the first place? Bruno was having a fairly competitive drive at that point, he was passing Anthony (who was NOT on the lead lap by any means) on the inside and had position, and Anthony drove down right onto the right-rear of Bruno’s car. Bruno’s back was broken because the way Anthony hit him sent the car nose-first into the wall; if the SAFER wall wasn’t in place, Bruno would’ve likely been dead. I would re-check that video if I were you.

    You’re right about the people who bitch about IRL, though. Champ Car was a lot of good ideas given to a group of idiots — not a formula for success. People hating on Tony George, though…well, he can sometimes make it a little too easy.
    Editors note: I was right in front of the accident. Bruno had been needlessly aggressive to the point of stupidity a few times, and his aggressiveness led directly to the accident. I am proud of the way Anthony held his line and did not put up with it.

    Comment by Kyle D — March 12, 2009 @ 7:56 am | Reply

  2. Defender of the IRL,

    Enjoy reading your blog daily. If you attest that Bruno caused that accident, than your credibility has taken a hit.

    Editor’s note: Where were your seats for that race?

    Comment by ran — March 12, 2009 @ 1:33 pm | Reply

  3. Bruno was impatient and forced the issue by passing when he should have waited until the exit of turn two.

    Comment by The Truth — March 13, 2009 @ 10:21 am | Reply

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