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March 19, 2009

Horsepower That Means Something

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Another thing idiots who criticize everything even remotely associated with the names ‘Hulman’ and 184x228_miracle_poster_caspari‘George’ inevitably forget is the philanthropic endeavors of the family. They are active contributors to a wide variety of social causes. Many things people take for granted, like the great zoo in Indianapolis, is well supported by people like the Hulman-George family.


 So if you have a spare few thou just burning a hole in your pockets, you still have a little while today to bid on some juicy items to support the Humane Society that Mari has listed on eBay. Items include four VIP tickets in one of her suites on race day, hotel rooms, party invites, police escort to the track plus credentials and pit passes. Last time I looked it was up around 8 grand. Similarly themed packages are available for the NASCAR and MotoGP events.


What better way to combine a tax deduction with a good time?


Speaking of giving back, don’t forget about the 100th birthday celebration tomorrow at the track if you are in Indy. I wish I was.




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  1. Thanks, Defender, for showing a side of the Hulman/George family that all too few realize.

    Far too many have castigated Tony George and the entire Hulman/George family for a variety of offenses, real or imagined.

    It is refreshing to note that the entire time Lucas Oil Stadium was being run through via taxpayer money, and the Simons/Pacers were crying “poor” about their deal with Conseco, the Hulman George family has consistently tried to improve their facility with NOT ONE DIME of taxpayer money.

    Moreover, their charity work has been known around the town for decades, but is rarely given its due.

    It should never be forgotten: Without Tony Hulman and his vision, 16th and Georgetown would probably be a housing development and May in Indy would be completely BORING!

    Comment by Skip in SC — March 20, 2009 @ 11:11 pm | Reply

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