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March 30, 2009

Formula One Dreams

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Rules chajensen-button-thinks-second-win-is-unlikely-to-happen-2nges, new team configurations and additional creativity promise to make this Formula 1 season much more compelling than many of recent years. The Australian Grand Prix that kicked off the season this weekend featured a 1-2 finish by a brand new team.

Off season changes did not go far enough. The increasingly elderly leadership of that deal (the Napoleonic, short, white-headed, crotch grabbing, greedy curmudgeon and his Nazi role playing, harlot whipping partner in that particular form of organized crime) both need to either retire, die or otherwise find themselves removed.

Formula 1 needs to base a schedule on more than just extracting vig from people like Tony ‘Aw Shucks’ George and/or the Canadian government. North America needs an event both in Canada and the United States. Why? Because fans want it. You know, the people who bend_over_tshirt-p235427972396393487qw9u_400buy tickets? More of them showed up for USGPs at Indianapolis than for any other F-1 events anywhere. Canada has always been well supported as well. Placing the needs of actual fans under the heels of their shoes has always been the standard operating procedure for the reprehensible bastards who run that series, and that is a shame. As a ticket buying fan who attended all the US Grand Prix events (as well as others in other countries) I would like to keep attending.

Good for Tony and crew for simply replacing the car Grand Prix with another world class event on two wheels. That was phenomenal as well. Here is hoping sanity eventually returns to Formula 1 along with basic accessibility for ticket buying fans. Meantime, it is time to get jazzed about the start of the Indy Car season next weekend!


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  1. I honestly think Max Mosely wants to get the series back into North America (not to mention places like France and Siverstone) with a much more decent price tag, but he’s essentially held hostage by Bernie. If Max protests anything Bernie does, Bernie will just go have his own series and his business sense will crush the FIA.

    What makes me think Max wants to cut the costs of his racing series is that…he’s trying really hard to cut the costs already. When the FIA comes up with a rules change, it’s done in the name of cost-cutting (except KERS…that’s for the greenies); when Bernie comes up with a rules change, it’s ridiculous and designed to pad his pockets. Max and the FIA decided to revive Formula 2 as a cheaper alternative to GP2 — inexpensive standard everything and some not-too-bad drivers. I think the FIA has a plan in place in the event of Bernie’s death/retirement/assassination by angry Frenchman and they will grab the power when the time comes, and that is when we’ll see North America back on the calendar.

    Comment by Kyle D — March 30, 2009 @ 3:20 pm | Reply

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